Women vs Men in Chess

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  1. this is a long way to say women are just worse

  2. Because man on one level is much storager then women on same level

  3. Brother also its high time Black shud play first ✨✨

  4. Its about interest. Girls will always be less interested in a game like chess. Has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with interest. That being said, theres no reason to force women into playing. If its 95% male forever thats fine and if its 60-40 split thats fine. Or any other mix. The best thing about chess is anyone can play

  5. Just say because men are way better at chess than women.
    Judit is not even in the top 100
    The last time they put the best female rn in chess tournament with all males she finished last with one draw no wins

  6. Very good explanation! Already you can see female players in top tier open tournamens sometimes:)

  7. You're talking about what you THINK. Not science. Men and women have nearly the exact same average IQ. HOWEVER, the distribution curve is completely different. Men have far more numbers of high and low, and the women's curve is much flatter. This answers why. Your reasoning is completely shameful and steeped in conditioning.

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