Women vs Men in Chess

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  1. I don't understand how someone's mother not playing chess has anything to do with being bad at chess..? Like, just because the opposing gendered parent was the one that played chess doesn't make me any worse at it.
    For any dumb arguments about genetics, chess is barely a genetic trait and mostly memory and effort of actually playing it. Also, there are 24 chromosomes and only one is dependent on gender and doesn't have much influence on your ability to play chess…

  2. This makes sense. I can only remember male school team playing chess.

  3. I hope this happens but I'm not positive. Some things just aren't as interesting to some people and that alone decreases the pool if female playes by large.

  4. It’s wild that you actually seem to believe what you’re saying in this video.

  5. also I think grips just don’t have that much of an interest as a guys into chess on average like out of my family the only girl that likes chess is my oldest sister, but my grampa, dad and me like chess too I even offer to teach my two other sister chess but there not into chess, I offer to teach three of my male friends chess now they love it .

  6. Nooo not the people thinking this is about genetics or something

  7. People are just completely unwilling to fathom that there may be a possibility that on average men are smarter than women… anything to avoid bringing up the most logical potential reason.

  8. Ayy you nicely pronounced Judit’s name

  9. women don’t like playing chess , it’s that simple .

  10. I only know 3 female chess players

  11. So I think something that is overlooked here is an actual biological male advantage.

    Men, on average, are better with spatial reasoning which could offer an advantage at reading board states especially from an early age.

    There's also the fact that more boys and their fathers are being taught and teaching to play chess.

    But it really boils down to society, chess has been a man's game for a long time, so knowledge and practice is generally passed down from father to son, the more women who are interested and participate the more we will see not only the gender representation narrow, but also the average skill gap.

  12. Maybe women are not smart enough to play against men ( no offense 🙂)

  13. what are talking about, just be Real, men better in chess that girls

  14. That's a truckload of rubbish! That's because women are generally dumber than men!
    There will never be as many female grandmasters in chess as male grandmasters.
    Men and women must play together. There is no need for women-only chess!

  15. Historically, chess was the game of war… which obviously women didn’t participate in (lucky them), however, in modern era it’s amazing to see women take on and love the game of chess… I do believe the segmentation is appropriate. Open tournaments followed by segmented gives an excellent balance but also an opportunity for it to be mixed

  16. Nothing is in place to stop women playing chess. Only women stop women playing chess.

  17. Because there are more male players

  18. So never in history have we had a woman become world number one. We’ve not even had women break the top 50. However, easily in the last 30 years we’ve had sexual inequality in the sporting world all but removed. Yes it’s true the investment in women’s sport has not been as strong as men’s, but it’s hard to know if that’s because men’s sport is just more entertaining to watch, this draws more viewers, or if with investment ing her women’s game wil bring more viewers. There is almost no doubt though that in the majority of sports men are just better. They are faster and stronger.

    However with Chess, things are slightly different. Chess doesn’t have a high barrier to entry. You just buy a chess board and your good to go. You also don’t need to be fast or strong, you just need to be able to think in a certain way. Special awareness, logic, and a high IQ are factors that help in chess.

    Men typically are better in these aspects.

    Cultural aspects can play a role. However if we look at Russia, they have generally lower sexual equality, but high chess participation. They produce some of the strongest female players in the world.

    That lends itself to say that it’s not so much about inequality, it’s about how different sexes play chess.

    The curve of IQ while on average is the same across women and men, at the tails ends on both sides of the bell curve it’s thicker for men. Men have higher distribution of low IQ and high IQ in their population. As IQ plays an import role in cognitive performance, and chess is completely cognitive, it makes sense that more men achieve at the highest levels of the game.

    It’s not so easy to see that we’ll have this all balance out as we invest more in the women’s game.

    We’ve seen lots of other industries flip around in terms of gender distribution. Teaching was once a male dominated occupation, not anymore. Doctors were mostly men, this scale has tipped over many decades ago. This hasn’t gained in cheers. Women’s preferences can’t be forgotten too.

  19. I want you to find a point in history where the amount of females playing chess is more or equal to males

  20. Judith polgar was good, she wasn't as good as the top 1000 players ever in chess tho. She once won against Kasparov, but let me tell you, Kasparov got beaten by little kids too, nothing special about that.

    Men are better at chess, that's just how it is.

  21. That's because most women aren't at all Interest in chess. Fact

  22. This is stupid just create one for men and women, just because men 100s of years ago were good at chess doesn't mean I'm good at chess

  23. Women suuuuuuuuuuck at chess, on average.

  24. I think it's because there aren't enough women that have autism and a interest in chess.

  25. This is going to hurt female chess players more than help them since they won't be guaranteed to play the best in their category. In open tournaments where males compete in, they fight with everyone. This will ensure that males will always fight against the best (whether female or male) while those females will play against females whether they are the best or not

  26. Women are equal… but they also need a safe space

  27. Judit Polgar and her sisters trained 9 hours per day together from the time they were very young children into adulthood remember.

  28. Subscribe Krdo Silver play button Chiye mujhe says:

    U give the wrong reason
    Real reason is Girls are too dumb to understand chess😂

  29. Who cares about 2000 years of men playing Chess? Aren't those men dead😅

  30. It's because women are naturally less interested in chess and because men have higher variance than women so will be highly represented both among the very best and the very worst and because men have better than average 3D shape rotation ability than women which you would expect to carry over to spotting positions and opportunities and calculating board positions in the future more easily.

  31. So you're telling me the men that were born 20 yrs from know have an advantage because 300 yrs ago theirs great great great grandfather was trained properly?

  32. Men tend to have the ability to hyperfocus on a single task giving them an edge.

  33. Men are just smarter and better critical thinkers. Guess the truth hurts bro😂

  34. There doesn't need to be an arbitrary 50/50. If they want to play then they will, and if they don't then they won't.

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