Women vs Men in Chess

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  1. Harassment is a primary reason there's a split in all non physically related sports

  2. I wana see a woman player get to world champion level

  3. So when is this 50/50 thing happening? 20 years? Where’s your evidence to support this claim?

  4. Judit Polgar and her sisters were the result of their father’s experiment. Your analysis on this is very far from the truth.

  5. why is it that people always want to invade male dominated spaces to include women and when things go south they blame men, it's like me going to the modeling industry and complaining why men aren't being paid more.

  6. Sure sure but any even low tier GM and even some higher IMs will easily destroy and WGM that crosses their path and that’s the reason they usually dont get matched up against each other..

  7. So again oppressing men?

  8. Most of the women I've played….well, I could give them an extra knight and still smash them.

  9. I don't think that it is a good idea to effectively separate female players from male players by providing "only female" events and "only female" titles to female players. I also think that it's kind of discriminatory that the "women's titles" WCM/WFM/WIM/WGM are associated with 200 less elo points than the titles CM/FM/IM/GM. It somehow marks women as inferior to men. Shouldn't a sport like chess be THE sport where there is no different treatment of men and women? I think it should be a sport where men and women are treated completely equally. I am convinced that this separation of women from men rather puts off women of chess.

  10. It's funny do women and men have some sort of different hive mind where if a man is taught something every man learns a bit? I find that a rather ridiculous. But then again I don't care that there is woman only chess. It's not like it takes away from anyone in the open category.

  11. Gotta give them a little hope before they get their dreams smashed into oblivion by borderline autistic 2750 prodigy since four boy wearing a grown man's suit.

  12. It's more than just that though. I recall seeing a study that men vary in iq more than women. Meaning men are more likely to have significantly less than 100 iq, but also more likely to have significantly higher iqs. I think that might explain why the highest rated male player ever (Magnus) is higher rated than the highest female (Judit if I recall correctly.) The difference between both their peak ratings is about 150.

  13. King boy
    Queen girl
    Rook girl
    Pawn boy
    Knight boy
    Bishop either

  14. Well said! Women are not innately, biologically "worse" at chess: they just aren't exposed to it as kids, when boys are encouraged to join clubs, play in tournaments, etc.

    Also, chess is experiencing a boom just now specifically in younger boys, because Andrew Tate further popularised it around late last year.

  15. This is further evidence of feminist brainwashing. Chess is a logical game and men are better at logical things like that. It's also why men have invented pretty much every complex machine in history. I don't know why we have to now trip over ourselves to apologize for that. It's just the way it is. Women are better than men at some things. This isn't one of them.

  16. Lol ok simp, you not getting becky by doing the nice talk, women have been involved in science and academics since the late 1800s yet men always dominante STEM, it’s not because they’re oppressed, it’s because they’re generally not interested in these fields.

  17. Wow this is such incredible respectful nonsense.

  18. of course boys and girls may play. But when we take skill to absolute limit – men's vs women's chess is two different sports. It is not about statistics or inclusion

  19. Blunder.
    Doesnt matter how old chess is.. Obviously not long enough to make any genetical changes in men alone.
    A player gets only his/her life span. Both male and female chess players who are in the front started it in their youngest ages. And since its not football or anyother physical sport, the male and female players play togather, thats means there is no disparity in competition.
    For some reason idk, maybe the biological variantion in thr brain, not sure, men have an upperhand. There are many other region where women do better.

  20. You really think that? Then you have never played to a female.

  21. On the whole, women aren’t interested in the game as much as men. The talent pool of females will always be smaller

  22. I mostly think it's because women are not as competitive as men. Most women do not like competing against each other on a fair square.

  23. Ok explain me this, who cooks more males or females? 98% who are cooking are females but why the top 100 of best chefs in the world are males? 😅 You can wait not 20 years even 2000 years, it's not only about the fact that who is more interested or statistically more numbers, it's biology. Men have biological capabilities that are better fit for analysing and calculating than women it's a fact and this example is the answer. Women are better communicators and are better fit in many things and we don't argue them when they are better as nurses or better in marketing or maybe as psychologists I don't know…

  24. so what you're saying is – seperate but equal lmfao

  25. Hey its the year 2080 im from future and still 9 out of 10 chess players are men….

  26. Chess has been around for hundreds of years. Also, women have never learned to play it.
    This is absolutely stupid. Can't you just say wen are not as good as men?

  27. HAHAHAHA in 20 years it will be more like 50/50 than 98/2? Nice joke, I guarantee it will stay on 98/2

  28. Cuck0lds right now: :tHaT mAkEs SeNsE

  29. Women want your money and the transfer of power from male to female. They play Chess in real life. They not interested in a board game.

  30. IMO, the average woman is smarter than the average man, however men have had significant advantages if either stupid (for some jobs) or extremely intelligent. Where women just had to be a little smarter on average than her partner but too much brainpower was probably counterproductive.

  31. Meanwhile 18y old boy world 2 top player and just say women 🧠 low iq

  32. simple the average men is smarter than the average woman

  33. No, 95% of players are not men. More like 90%, and among youngsters getting closer to 80%. But I can guarantee you that it will never be 50-50, and there will not be “loads more Judit Polgars” (unless there are loads more Laszlo Polgars)

  34. When u understand that theres never a concept of equality in the universe and understand your role, from that moment you will start seeing the world differently

  35. They need a safe space, incase some man "violates" them in the middle of a chess game by defeating them

  36. Neuroscientist here. Read this if you really want to know how male brain and female brain works in detailed way.
    Simply put, men are more active in one side of the brain and use it more often, are better at focusing on one thing and enjoying it, and are not good at doing or thinking about many things at once. Women have a much thicker and denser bridge between the right and left hemispheres of the brain than men do, so they tend to be good at and enjoy doing many things at the same time. To put it simply again, When asked to choose a weapon to defeat an unknown enemy in a game, men like to choose one of many weapons that they like, strengthen themselves with that One weapon accordingly, and use that one weapon over and over again to master it. For example, if a man's weapon of choice is an axe, he will study the versatility of the axe, strengthen the weapon, push it to its limits, and use it until the game is over. In the case of a woman, she tends to concentrate on the aspect of 'now I am going to fight an 'unknown' enemy,' and to be able to respond to any situation to some extent, she would like to pick multiple weapons such as swords, poisons, and wands, and tends to create a strategy to defeat the enemy by combining the basic abilities of each weapon she chose, such as 'attack with a sword and when the opponent gets scared, hunt them down with a poison'. They tend to formulate a strategy to hit high damage by combining the basic abilities of each of their chosen weapons.
    If They both play against each other after completing the game, the male will have detailed knowledge of the axe and will fight with only the axe enhanced beyond maximum level, while the female will have detailed knowledge of the various fighting styles, understanding the characteristics and compatibility of various weapons, and will fight with multiple weapons enhanced to the maximum level, and with combinations of these weapons. Both do the same number of damage to the opponent. If one of them wins the fight it is a matter of difference in practice time, mental health, etc. That's how it works.

  37. Lame excuse, men are inherently more competitive and inherently better at pattern recognition. Men are naturally better equipped to do better at chess

  38. No it’s because boys rule and girls drool 🤪

  39. how about Trans male turn to girl can they compete to women tournament? 😅😮🎉😂

  40. Magnus: I now identify as a woman

    Woman’s Chess Tournament: sweeting profusely

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