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  1. Just wanted to ask, is it to late to start studying chess at the age of 16?

  2. Where did Levy got his Batman chess piece from?

  3. Condescending stare, made me question why have I been born stupid, solid 7/10.

  4. tem que respeitar o supi, peweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. the fact i do the move that he talked about at 3:00 all the time lol

  6. !why not…

    better shirt this time 😉

    to you, dear levy, i have time and question for you -lthough i konw that YOUR TIME IS M.. no no Direct:
    ?is that poetry or quite or..bullsh..chut
    whatever keep on !!!!

    oh caliph hic actor, mellow Mediterranean kaiser, karma axiomatic poet: that male 'boss' that has developed female inclination crusher of the unbeliever dream… stormy corollary is born: from that to the cube to be submitted biodegradable ion use hellenic relief, here lies top hat quantum jet… in vain I wring stink jet rififi because esse male defect bold idiot protagonist, eyelashes defy scheme and yoke confuse, if he completes illusion himself author will break stance, motionless waltz, Olympian jail: I 'hole' impious chromosomal, wrap that bakes XY taints XX innocent with 'true hell' criminal, even in 'party' bue is crack… Hikaru's forelock fascinates commentators, his stunned adversary struggles to move his wood… Hun godfather Jah urges me 'all in' forbidden, weights make back gently paginate virtuously, forest bend "Debord" thus in cargo Jah runs, fairy gaffe ghost atheist… here 'kills' come and go, marabout 'baker' fake song by here or there rich host, AMOR first.

    french version:
    ô calife hic acteur, moelleux méditerranéen kaiser, karma poète axiomatique: ça 'boss' mâle qu'a féminin penchant développé concasseur du mécréant rêve… corollaire houleux naît: de ça au cube être soumis ion biodégradable use hellénique secours, ci-gît jet quantique haut de forme… en vain j'essore jet qui pue rififi car esse tare masculin protagoniste idiot hardi, cils défient manigance et joug déroutent, s'il achève illusion lui-même auteur brisera stance, immobile valse, geôle olympienne: je 'hole' impie chromosomique, enveloppe qui cuistre XY entache XX innocente avec 'true hell' crimminelle, même dans 'party' bue est fissure… le toupet d'Hikaru passionne commentateurs, son adversaire abasourdi peine à mouvoir son bois… Hun parrain Jah m'exorte 'all in' interdit , poids font dos doucement paginer vertueusement, forêt fléchir "Debord" ainsi dans cargaison Jah court, fée gaffe athé fantôme… ici 'kills' vont et viennent, marabout 'baker' faux chant par hère ou là hôte riche, AMOR d'abord.

  7. Me opening the opening the vid knowing that it's gonna be a click bate but that also I'll watch it anyway cuz I love levy

  8. Levy, thanks for the recap on the epic win by Supi, most epic game in the round. So epic it made a lot of brazilians cry watching this Rocky Balboa-like game for 7h, being on the ropes for the whole game, just to win in the very end. Also, your pronunciation of LOCOMOTIVA is pretty good. Keep up the great work!

  9. During Pragnanandhaa vs Gukesh the eval bar went insane

  10. Vida longa ao Supi, a LOCOMOTIVA!!

  11. Felt like he was sucking my soul

  12. That zugzwang at the end of the first game was nuts. Almost a mutual zugzwang with white to move but he had that one pawn that could make one move. 🤯

  13. The longer stare than usual gives and effect of a sense of plotting and a feeling of nothjng was truly magnificent 10/10

  14. As a Brazilian, I'm extra happy with this episode. 🙂

  15. Rook e7 would win a queen if it wasn't illegal 😂

  16. Locomotiva Supi🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂 Brasil

  17. Thxs for the “Locomotiva”, it was very special to listen to this recap! Thxs again!!! Btw, Supi win the 2nd match today!

  18. The hissing scared the shit out of me Jesus

  19. Russians making the name Constantine to the name Kostya that ltrly means BONE

  20. Hi Levy

    You do a good job for most and the best of it, Congrats on your amazing success, I really applaud you. You keep the money bucket in the picture while streaming all the time. It is very childish of you, It is clearly a plight towards someone, something in your life or your past. You really should just enjoy success and not flaunt it. I would advise growing up a bit and being happy that you have very well paid Indoor work- I do not want this to be rude- I want this to be helpful. You seem to have Lucy, You are making good bank- Why be an idiot in plight greed?

    Doubt you will see this in the 2000+ comments- But i had to write it, Congrats to you again- Grow up and do not flaunt- it will be your decline- Steady strong and Kind is your best flavor

  21. its awesome that 50% of the opening moves are 1400ELO moves unless you´re Magnus

  22. Aqui está o comentário em português que vc estava procurando… LOCOMOTIVA!!! LET'S GOOOOO!!!!!

  23. Man, you're dickriding Magnus more than any Youtuber out there I swear lmao

  24. Long live the Horses of Luis Paulo Supi! 🚂🚂🚂

  25. Thanks Gothan!! Locomotive is our best player in Brazil!!

  26. man these stares are giving me creeps, Jeez

  27. Brasil !!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷 Supi nossa locomotiva

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