Why Online Ratings Don’t Matter #chess #shorts


  1. If people ask me what my rating is, I tell them I don't have one. I've never played in any kind of sanctioned event. I play online chess on a telephone using an app, I don't consider that any kind of measure. I've played thousands of casual OTB games in my life. And I look forward to one day having a USCF rating. Maybe when I retire

  2. Ive only just started really engaging with chess these last two months and Im trying my best to instill good habits. I have no pretentsions that its not going to take me a long while to get good.

    Im doing my damndest to step away from ratings and everything and just embracing playing the game. This all just me rambling about my own mental hurdles, Ive only just now got comfortable playing rapids.

  3. I care about it when it is high and dont care if it is low.

  4. The purpose of my rating, particularly online, is to match me with players that are about the same strength as me. I am not going to stress out if it is 25 points higher or lower. As long as my rating is accurate enough not to match me with a player that is significantly stronger or weaker than me, because those game are not as much fun.

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