Why my chess rating is in the top 2% of Lichess players

How strong is my chess? in this video I will be playing multiple lichess games in order to determine my lichess elo rating in rapid chess. As an avid chesscom player, i’m interested to see what my elo rating capabilities are on lichess. Watch as I breakdown chess tactics, checkmating patterns and chess opening theory in hopes of breaking 2000 elo. But, it takes a turn. Whether you are a complete chess beginner or a grand master, you might learn a thing or 2 from this video, or on the flip side teach me something:) As it is the middle of the night, my chess strategy and chess tactics slightly deteriorated haha, but nevertheless, I plan to climb the chess ranks and improve myself with chess puzzles along the way. You will hopefully be seeing a big rating increase between this and the next video, as I have plenty of studying online chess and chess books to do. Follow me on this journey, feel free to comment if you want a chess game, or if you have any questions for me.
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