Who is the greatest chess player of all time? | Hikaru Nakamura and Lex Fridman

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Hikaru Nakamura is a chess super grandmaster and is currently the #1 ranked blitz chess player in the world. He is also one of the top chess streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

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  1. Hans Niemann watching this, taking notes on how to get away with a "gut feeling" explanation

  2. Calls hikaru and questions him about other chess players abouts… What a maniac

  3. Wow????? He never blunders hey, that’s funny dude, wow!!!!!

  4. Did you just ask “ what is intuition”? Bro get a dictionary , I was embarrassed for u man!

  5. Every statement from Hikaru starts with obviously, probably, generallyz and I think. Just noticed

  6. Capablanca is the best… . ( Naka is a super good humble guy).. 👍

  7. Magnus: I don't really enjoy blitz
    Nakamura: I'm one of the best blitz players ever

    Magnus beats Nakamura in blitz prettily handily (based on another anecdote in this interview)

  8. Fischer beat the USSR alone and that 20 game win streak was incredible. His career at the top was brilliant but short.

  9. Playing relaxed is key on those final seconds without increment. If you know you are better than your opponent in serious time pressure you'll just be more calmed and confident when it really matters. I would say Magnus and Firouzja are up there with Hikaru when it comes to making these split second decisions.

  10. Do U really need to ask that question?

    Of course the longest reigning champion. 🤣😜🤪

  11. Hikaru is a genius and a hard worker, Magnus is just a genius

  12. Interesting that we are told Fischer gave up chess but he didn't, he played Nigel Short online, under a pseudonym, and I think Nigel probably lost their tussle! So Fischer was still a very very strong chess player, his style the development from Akiba Rubinstein and Reshevsky! (Who with Smyslov was the best in the 1950's). Most great players had some element in their talent for chess that they were immensely good at, as Tal said about Gligoric's liking for a particular kind of position, when he could beat anyone!. And each talent, is very good, in its own respect. To be the best ever however, you'd need to be the best in a more universal way, at everything, and very consistent. Certainly Alekhine was the best, in his time, just pipping Capablanca, and then followed by David Bronstein. Kasparov was perhaps psychologically the best, in his time, a long time! A unique controlled aggression reminiscent of Alekhine, a very complex style, neither attacking nor defending. A great poker player, can bluff good when his position stinks!!. Spassky was perhaps the best, for a while 1960's, and we are told he had a universal style. Carlsen of course is great now, a Scandinavian style!. But to be the best at everything, consistently ?! I don't think any one player has achieved that, yet. Tal had a magic that nobody else had, in attacking play. Petrosian is underrated. And Larsen was perhaps the best in around 1969 ish. I'm glad we keep seeing new talents. I didn't mention women, but Judit Polgar, I think, could have been the best ever chess player. A lot depends on coaches, and practice too. There's so much talent everywhere now! Good, but what next?! Another game? I hope not. Let's learn how to converse properly instead, and so solve world problems! Edit:- I didn't even mention Korchnoi or Karpov, both brilliant, in their own right. In the end I might plump for Ivanchuk as the best ever. I don't know enough about players now to say any more really. Haven't we been entertained??! Nakamura may be number 2 but is a fine advocate for the sport of chess. Just my thoughts. I hope you'll disagree, and debate with the amicable charm, as gentleman chessplayers should. 👍

  13. 2nd Edit. Interestingly, Reuben Fine could have claimed to be the world champion for just one day! Lastly, players that play the right way, trying to find the moves you should play, and are as such candidates for being the best ever, would include perhaps Mark Taimanov, Boris Gelfand, and who knows, Jon Speelman?! We have an array of tantalising choice out there.! And how good was Palciauskis ?! And now we have computers. We'll never know. God plays the best chess.

  14. The two best chess players in the world ever in 1938 were Reuben Fine and Paul Keres, up to that point in time. Though Alekhine was just waning by then after dominating for so long. Keres also beat Euwe in a match. Though Alekhine was still his greatest challenge, and teacher.

  15. I think also you have to ask why not Efim Geller, or Issac Boleslavsky? In a certain place and time, why not Labourdonnais aswell ?! And Paul Morphy of course, before Reuben Fine took over that role. And I certainly would not call Magnus the "goat", but rather the ICE man ! And today one of the measures of the greatest, would have to be, whether that player could beat Hikaru !

  16. It depends upon how you actually look at the "greatest".

    If you look at it from the perspective of compared to their contemporaries, it was Paul Morphy.

    If you look at win percentage, it is actually José Raúl Capablanca.

    If you look at it from, if you plucked them all at their peak and put them in a tournament, it is probably Magnus Carlson.

  17. Hello??? Emanuel Lasker was champion for 27 years, and Alexander Alekhine for almost 20.

  18. Hikaru is Magnus’ best kryptonite — these 2 have their own battle in of itself. Hikaru tricks Magnus more than anyone… they see the same game.

  19. Fischer is immortal. No coaches, no engines, no teams, no funding, no sponsors, insurmountable odds – he did it all on his own. And he did for himself -no one else. For me, Fischer is the greatest competitor of all time – in anything.

  20. so garry is the greatest but magnus is the best

  21. I watch this and think why Lex looks like typical russian man 35-40 years old and then I read his biography…

  22. “First, then, Paul Morphy was never so passionately fond, so inordinately devoted to chess as is generally believed. An intimate acquaintance and long observation enable us to state this positively. His only devotion to the game, if it may be so termed, lay in his ambition to meet and to defeat the best players and great masters of this country and of Europe. He felt his enormous strength, and never, for a moment, doubted the outcome. Indeed, before his first departure for Europe he privately and modestly, yet with perfect confidence, predicted to us his certain success, and when he returned he expressed the conviction that he had played poorly, rashly; that none of his opponents should have done so well as they did against him. But, this one ambition satisfied, he appeared to have lost nearly all interest in the game.” – Charles de Maurian

  23. Obviously Fischer was the most gifted player to date. Which makes him the greatest like Messi.

  24. That was actually a good answer. Rare Hikaru W

  25. I agree that Fischer should be left out of the conversation. He was certainly the best of his time, but he wanted to be declared the best thereafter without proving it. That doesn’t work for me.

  26. He's probably describing something like muscle memory when he says intuition. Like when you're driving or something lol

  27. Hikaru is just a brilliant player. He's so humble, but the reality is that Hikaru difference to Magnus is less then Ronaldo to Messi. One day Hikaru will be world champ. My my words.

  28. I cant be the only one who gets annoyed just listening to the hosts voice right? Dude sounds tired and bored sounding like corpse's husband.

  29. Lex almost said he's the greatest blitz player and cancelled that😢😂

  30. 1. Morphy
    2. Fischer
    3. Kasparov
    4. Carlsen
    5. Karpov
    6. Capablanca
    7. Tal
    8. Alekhine
    9. Botvinnik
    10. Lasker

    While I would have very much liked to have met and seen Morphy, the next best thing and a highlight for me was to have met Tal.

    I attended one game of the karpov-kasparov WCC in Sevilla, Spain. I watched the two players arrive by car then enter to play. I went next door to a commentator section. Suddenly I look up and see Tal walking around. At this point I was literally shaking with joy. Tal had an aid with him and I said to the aid if she could translate something for me. The aid said to go ahead and speak English as Tal spoke English. I'm standing directly 3 feet in front of Tal.

    I speak up in English. "Grandmaster Tal." Tal stops to look at me. I then say, "you are not a chess player. You are an artist."

    Tal responded in a thick Russian accent, "thank you very much." Tal then went on his way. For me this was like getting to meet Morphy.

    A short time later Korchnoi wandered by and I spoke briefly with him.

    Botvinnik on Morphy, "His mastery of open positions was so vast that little new has been learned about such positions after him."

    Bobby Fischer on Morphy, "ranked Morphy among the ten greatest chess players of all time, and described him as "perhaps the most accurate player who ever lived". He noted that "Morphy and Capablanca had enormous talent", and stated that Morphy had the talent to beat any player of any era if given time to study modern theory and ideas.

    A charming fictional short story of a chess game Morphy vs Kasparov

  31. After 25 years of study the top 5 chess players of all time are clearly;


  32. Hikaru really misses the mark on Fischer. I wonder if he really grasps Fischer's history. The longevity idea does not have much relevance in terms of pure chess skill.

  33. Prime Kasparov will crush carlsen for sure, kasparov is a total player with mind blowing calculation😅😅😅

  34. Karpov was much stronger than Kasparov in his prime

  35. I look at Magnus more as an idiot savant but Fischer is a true genius of chess

  36. I don't like hikaru on stream, but here he seems like a really nice, reasonable guy.

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