Who Is Rey Enigma? The masked chess player

Who Is Rey Enigma? The masked chess player

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  1. Honestly, it's good to have Rey Enigma in my country 🇪🇸🤓☝️

  2. He doesn't need to have a group of people who wear the suit, all he needs is one friend who is a similar rating to him, similar height and build, and play them once in a while. Boom, you can now be seen playing any other chess player including yourself.

  3. Hint for you all He also plays at competitions without a costume 🙂

  4. He got bit by a Radio-Active chess board… been Chess-Man ever since.

  5. My friend edits his videos. Spain is a decoy, he is actually from [REDACTED] and his …

  6. there's no way internet detectives haven't figured this out. We have his build, his voice. that should be enough to figure him out.

  7. Only 8 peoples know Rey Enigma, so one can assume there is 8 person as Rey Enigma. A syndicate.

  8. I hope you get herpes for the misleading title and thumbnail

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