When You Know It’s A Brilliant 💡 – Chess Rating Climb 1271 to 1287 ELO (Chess.com Speedrun)

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  1. Your chess instruction has helped me a lot. Especially these games. Huge fan of your content! Thank you for everything you do for the chess community!

  2. 10:50 you could have won the queen here by playing Bd4, I guess this was the one inaccuracy.

  3. Based on the stream you did a little bit ago, it seems like the ginger root worked. Great video Nelson, thank you.

  4. in the second game with 1:30 left I would have simplified down to where you had just a rook left and he had no pieces left. I am far less likely to blunder and it's an easy win for me even just using the king and rook vs king.

  5. Levy may have won best chess streamer but Nelson has my vote for best chess teacher.

  6. 5:00 Dude, I also cannot stand ginger root. Your commitment is noteworthy!

  7. I hope you are able to take all the time you need to get well.

  8. Nelson, please continue to add the puzzles in Adventure channels..

  9. Ginger tea with a lot of honey… Really good for the sore throat

  10. Just got brilliant move this morning get very excited.. .. Get well soon nelson

  11. Recent research has shown that the best cure for a sore throat is wearing a tank top

  12. We need multiple videos per day…so NO MORE GETTING SICK!!

  13. first guy must've made like 20 queen moves in a row or something

  14. It’s kinda weird I had fallen behind on this series because I was busy at work, but I caught up because I was sick – and well I guess you were too. I hadn’t heard of trying ginger root I am almost over it but I’ll keep that in mind. I wonder if we had the same thing.

    Really like this series though. I’ll be sad when it’s over. It’s helped my with my tactics but I have realized I need to do a lot better in the opening and end games

  15. I hope you get to feeling better soon brother! Glad to see you are making vids, but just do it when feeling ok! <3 ya!

  16. Get better bro. Also these games have been some of my favorite so far of the series.

  17. Bro on his grind while sick. Respect… get well soon!

  18. Nelson’s got his knife looking to cut up some noobs defense

  19. Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly. says:

    Get well soon, Nelson. All the best!

  20. Yo Nelson I'm suffering flu like symptoms at the minute it's horrible so I can sympathize with you thanks for another video though😊ps Nelson try gargling salt water that's good for sore throats

  21. Day 3 of asking nelson to play the colle system

  22. The only time you get even slightly emotional is when someone starts trying to flag you and it seems to kick your ELO up to GM level. Whenever they do that and you start rubbing the back of your neck I know its all over for your opponent, its so funny

  23. No problems till now. But am I the only one who gets nervous about Nelsons time management? Hope he talks a liitle less when he gets stronger opponents soon…..

  24. The elo is rising too fast.. The series is going to end too soon… 😍

  25. Missed your normal voice 😊 Get well soon.

  26. Ginger eh??? you know they make proper lozenges that have clinically proven superficial pain relief (numbing)
    Or are you one of those "natural is better" folk (only a little judgement… LOL.. I'd be lying if I said "no judgement")…???

  27. It's extremely awesome to think about the fact that Nelson is unwell yet still beat all games, explain every single moves, and present us with great educational chess contents

  28. Instead of saying "white/black", why not state your colour at the game start for those just listening and use "them/me"?

  29. I like making tea out of ginger root, is very good

  30. This is cool mate in 4 puzzle, can you solved it?

    1r3rk1/pbb2ppp/R1N5/1pPp4/1Pn5/4pN2/P2PqPPP/BQ3RK1 w – – 0 1

  31. Excellent! Thank you for speaking out loud your thought process.

  32. Really love this series please upload more frequently

  33. 4:54 he explains what he is doing like he would a chess game 🤣🤣

  34. I was watching your 1300 climb and in 2 of the games they lost their queens I believe some people who are rated 600 to maybe 900 cheat .but after 1200 they seem easier to beat

  35. What happened to the bobby fischerman series

  36. I’ve been trying out super dubious lines in my recent games resulting in losses simply because Nelson and @AlexBanzea have me winning 20 games in a row at 88% accuracy and I need to balance it out with some fun losses that I can analyze.

  37. put it in hot water then drink as tea leave the ginger in the glass..

  38. Get well soon, and agree on the ginger root, awful stuff, thát, parsley and Coriander, yak, any way, thanks for all You bring, it is the very best to be found, for a beginner like me….!!!

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