When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves

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When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves by Judit Polgar



  1. So the best woman meets the best man and the result speaks for itself.. as it does in chess ☺

  2. The thing I love the most about this game is Giri getting extremely giggly and pulling his phone to take a picture HAHA

  3. I know something amazing happened here.
    Just not know what.

  4. Its amazing to be undefeated against magnus.

  5. Magnus knew he was beaten when he took the poisoned pawn.

  6. I really like how you explain a lot of chess concepts for first time viewers like me who don't know a lot about chess.

  7. Polga ist Mephisto, sie zerschlägt alles , sie gilt als stärkste Schach Frau aller Zeiten.

  8. Give me a break. He let her win. Publicity stunt for the MeToo movement.

  9. Play soundless video and this changing screen is disturbing. Thanks for content though.

  10. Pity about the end where you removed the graphic board. Ruined the flow and I have run it several times the get a clear picture.

  11. Most important message here is at the end that she is on top 💪

  12. Lovely to see this match-up – and a nice game too. I love seeing chess in the park setting. One of my favourite memories of Budapest is of people playing chess at Szechenyi Furdo – for those who do not understand people are relaxing in the hot mineral springs in the main park of the city playing or watching chess.

  13. Heh, big noob, I only need 7 moves to get destroyed.

  14. I never understood why chess os divided by gender. Its not like it's a physical sport.

  15. Its cute how Magnus and Anish made eye contact after blundering

  16. They both look like they are having a great time.

  17. Dramatic narration and backstory for a video that already exists? Can I just have the original video please?

  18. The music, the putting words in other peoples mouths. It's an american production.

  19. Imagine if World Championships in Chess were awarded like boxing WCs

  20. Nobody wins every time. Nobody. Not even the greatest generals won every skirmish, every battle.

  21. Why do you highlight that she's a woman? Doesn't matter if she has a penis or vagina.

  22. I heard that he cheats with vibrating beads up his ass. (Joking, that is a rumor that I don't believe.)

  23. I feel like Tal would not resign after sacrificing/blundering his Queen and instead he would magically save this situation with some hidden tricks in his pocket

  24. 3:06 can yomeone plz explain why magnus doenst take the pawn on f3 and forking the two rooks?

  25. Most of the Best players in the world are men. That's just the way it is.

  26. "LOVED IT" once again magnus underestimated he opponent 😂 he gave up😳…😅😂🤣🤣

  27. cool video, but the constant jumpings back and repeating the same move again and again is very distracting. A channel dedicated to chess should be aware of such problems.

  28. The narration sounds like Magnus is playing the game of his life. No kids, Magnus didn't use 1% of his IQ on this game.

  29. Polgar’s attitude seems humble and relaxed. Carlsen keeps laughing in an what I perceive as a insecure manner and keeps looking at his fans as if in need of validation.

  30. I have to point out a huge error on your screen. Magnus absolutely DID NOT win 125 games in a row. That would be impossible unless he was playing much lower rated players. He simply AVOIDED LOSING over 125 consecutive games. Most of the games would be drawn, as this is still the most common result in games played between super-GMs. Chess played to perfection should basically be a draw, so this is the default result.

  31. Also, this was obviously a fun match played in a park. It is not a "serious" match. Judit (pronounced Yudit) Polgar wasn't in the world's top 10 when the game happened. She had already retired. Nevertheless, she's a legend and still obviously an extremely strong player, especially when she goes on the attack.

  32. Best “female” player? Worthless title.

  33. I know how to play….no….i know how the pieces move….these crazy ass people KNOW how to play. My brain hurts

  34. I've maybe played chess 5 times in my life but these videos are quite entertaining.

  35. 4:15 so Im not really a chess player and I still look at this for like 15 minutes now and I still do not get it.
    Why does he not move his queen to C6? That way he could trade bishops after loosing his queen with ne bishop now covering D7.
    I mean he still looses queen then but isn´t that still very much playable???

  36. You may call me dumb but I couldn’t figure out how Polgar won the game whereas it wasn’t officially over!

  37. The stakes are higher because it's a 3m game? OK.

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