When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves

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When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves by Judit Polgar



  1. I find it silly that there's a men's & women's division in chess.

  2. Nobody is unbeatable, Magnus is one of the best if not the best, but anyone can lose anytime by another legend as well. All I see are 2 great minds having fun, and I actually see that Magnus is highly enjoying himself, I think he is honored playing again with his lady. Great video, thanks

  3. Right commentator for a murder case

  4. Even when explained in extreme detail like this I’m still thinking what the actual F is happening!!!

  5. The best in the world loses, then smiles and shakes her hand. Random punks on the internet lose a video game fight to you and they make every excuse under the sun and accuse you of cheating.

  6. He let her win. It’s obvious that he knows his capabilities. He has nothing to prove with her. He already beat her.. anything after that is just disrespectful. Shes an og.. you just give praise to the elders. You dont remind them that they’ve lost it by continuously beating them. Out of respect.. he predicted himself losing long before the game even started. “Putting up a fight” was the game he was playing.

  7. cool video, see women playing make more girls come to chess!! nice work

  8. Why aren't women as good as men aat chess ?

  9. Why haven we heard of this woman? I think the clue is in the last word of my first question! Even in these modern times misogyny still is evident in many fields of endeavour! Pathetic isn’t it?

  10. Rare to see a women smart enough to play a decent game of chess

  11. All chess matches should be commentated this way. Nice job making it interesting!

  12. The narrator tries to make Magnus seem overconfident and cocky. He knew he was playing someone who could beat him, and he was having fun.

  13. Why are there rankings specific to gender? There are no physical advantages in this game?

  14. I'm starting to think this guy is sponsored by the 4 squares in the middle of the board 😅

  15. So… she beat the world champion. That makes HER the world champion, and the best chess player in the world. Not the best “female player.” The best PLAYER. Full stop.

  16. wow this was some really intense match … the pros really know how to give a good show 🙂 and you give really good commentary

  17. Wait?! Do they really have separate gender leagues for chess ?!? lol That his most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Plus. its kind of sexist to do that woman. Wow. I can't belive there isn't "outrage" over that. There is NO physical requirements that would give a male an advantage over a female in the game of chess, right?

  18. Man this would be great with their banter in place of the narration

  19. can anyone explain to me why magnus didn't defend the knight with bishop to F3?

  20. She looked 33 yrs old in 1991 not 15…Lol…

  21. I’ve heard of Judith Polgar way before Magnus Carlsen.

  22. Specifying that she is a woman applies perfectly to sports, not to chess. Not sure why there should be a qualifier in chess to be honest…

  23. She didn't even use lube before getting all in in his azz

  24. I wanted to see a match between Polgar and Hou Yifan. However, if they played today, Yifan would have the advantage since she is active while Polgar has retired.
    Carlsen probably didn't put in total effort since he perhaps didn't mind if she won.

  25. As a total beginner I could probably beat him.

  26. Look at their body language at the beginning. Magnus is bored and seemingly uninterested while judit is at full attention and potentially even prepped for this moment. Magnus essentially lowered his guard and was got

  27. so 100% magnus remembers that game he played against her and knows her, so he's not underestimating her. really fucking hate the whole "omg a woman is playing chess shes so smart and amazing" underlining theme here. its just chess, doesn't matter if you have a dick or not.

  28. Is this the woman the Netflix series was based on? I think"The Queen's Gambit" was the name of it.

  29. Neither Magnus nor Judith have ever won a game against me, period.

  30. obviously the woman had some sort of assistive rectal device

  31. He won 125 games in a row, without losing a single time. No shit.

  32. Feels like watching a National Geographic Animal Kingdom documentary. Thanks to the excellent narrator. 😊👍

  33. The MS Sam "commentary" is extremely annoying and adds nothing to the video as you explain nothing with it. Saddest try to farm chess views.

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