When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves

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When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves by Judit Polgar



  1. I wish everyone narrated chess like this. He made it exciting!

  2. Wonder if the character on the queens gambit was based on her, do we know?.

  3. I don't understand why men and women have different ranking systems.

  4. I learnt how to play chess in 20min, now i can't stop watching how to elvate my play style

  5. great video but please stop switching the overview or taking it away, it's just annoying

  6. Me when I blunder: *throws TV*

    Magnus when he blunders: *smiles and shakes hands*

  7. "He's even won 125 games in a row without losing a single time". Bwahahaha

  8. I am pretty sure he doesn't underestimate his opponent. He knows very well that Polgar is extremely strong.

  9. Nice to see Magnus pulling a Botez Gambit

  10. 125 wins in a row? Nonsense. Maybe 125 “non-defeats”.

  11. Dude I saw that position before you called it and I said DAMN

  12. Sounds like the guy who is always narrating those trashy A&E shows lol

  13. Ok, in this arena, using “women’s chess” is stupidly redundant. No study that has definitively asserted that women fair worse at aptitudes used in chess hasn’t been challenged by another study that affirms the opposite.

    The brain can be vulnerably neuroplastic, and it’s wiser to tell girls and boys that there isn’t a known difference when it comes to purely cerebral activities like chess than to tell them that there is, because not only would you be perpetuating a lie, but you’d also foster self-doubt in girls around things like chess (which puts an anxiety barrier up between them and actually getting good at this skill), as well as foster a sexist bias in boys against girls.

    Which is, frankly, very fucking stupid and criminally wasteful of human potential.

    If some swear that there is an overall difference between the sexes in chess, then not only is it scientifically contested, but it can’t be a true measurement of true capability, only a perceived difference in the tainted sample in the experiment that is society. If you’re told you can’t, you probably won’t. Little girls knowing there is a separate section just for them, and hearing that boys are better at it than they are, will have their self-confidence in chess stunted very early on- and that is strong enough (believe it or fucking not) to produce the overall difference too many swear exists innately.

  14. 0:10 actually it’s not 125 wins in a row, it’s an undefeated streak which means draws are involved in the streak (which happens a lot in top level games)

  15. "This is a 3 minute blitz match, so the stakes are extremely high".
    That's the format, not the stakes.

  16. Two of the top players in the world and you cant be bother to get your narration right for 19 moves. 2:16 Black moves pawn to F3 … really. Do better.

  17. "writing revenge plan" now that was funny

  18. Would have been way better without the commentary. I'd much rather just watch the game. The commentary is annoying — it's like someone talking throughout a movie.

  19. I don’t remotely understand what is going on in the game, but it’s amazing to watch the worlds greatest at anything smiling through defeat and respecting each other.

  20. 125 wins in a row ahahaha, never happened. Many draws

  21. I need way more chess videos like this. Felt like old school true crime content.

  22. If she beat magnus and he is the best chess player ever then she isn’t the best female player ever. She is the best player ever.

  23. im no chess champion, but I gotta say that in a serious match him moving his queen seems premature and a blunder. lets see what happened.

  24. I was thinking how cool it would be to be one of the people who was there watching that. Not many people will see him lose in person and especially in a cool chill environment with a great female chess player from a legendary chess family. Nice moment in chess history!

  25. My friend who's also a chest champion said to always use your knights with your Pons most likely you'll win

  26. Why is the intro the same for other videos?
    (just watched the one with Anna Cramling.)

  27. I have a feeling she spent all this time just thinking of ways to destroy him lol, it’s not a book to write down moves it’s her assassins list!

  28. Narrator assuming we are too dumb to see a mate in one and even there only magnus and anish see why its a good move.

  29. 3:18 why didn’t he use the bishop to take the pawn 🤦🏽‍♂️

  30. I enjoy "activating" my bishop now and then, especially when I'm bored..😉

  31. Magnus loses and is about to accuse everyone of cheating

  32. "The stakes are very high!" The stakes are, in fact, zero.

  33. He beats her nothing impressive she beats him in a non tourny semi fun match people be like wow she beat his ass he trash she op

  34. In a world full of affirmative acting, signal virtuing, non-sense, I'm going to assume this was staged.

  35. She’s a great player but if Magnus really tried then it’d be over very soon

  36. They should play go…….chess is to easy

  37. barely played 5 games of chess in my life but this video was entertaining as hell

  38. Why make a show about an annoying made up character when you have this woman IRL. Nobody cares about the mary sue in queens gambit. I dont even remember the name of the character.

  39. First sentence will always be right, doesn't matter whether he shows up to validate the title or not

  40. "stakes are extremely high"
    about a match in a park, a promptu where both were relaxed as it gets, joking around and genuinely having fun xD

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