When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves

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When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves by Judit Polgar



  1. This was so blatantly a thrown game that it hurts to see it covered.

  2. Yes, dear world. Woman ARE equal to men. No need to push it down our throaths dear feminist co-beings.

  3. @Narrator why not keep rolling your skill to some other chess games? I’ll definitely tag along!!!

  4. irrelvant note, some of the footage is from the hotel Dune which was bombed recently

  5. Judit is a legend, and I think Magnus was in effect giving her odds with his play. He wasn't trying to lose or anything like that, but he was allowing her to do her thing, out of respect and sportsmanship. And she did it. He played a little loose, and she exploited the chances, because she's Judit. But if Magnus seriously wants to win, no long-retired one-time super GM is going to beat him at any time control.

  6. There’s nothing unbelievable about Polgar beating… anybody.
    This wasn’t David vs Goliath, this was Frazier vs Ali

  7. Disgusting comments and even more disgusting style…it's chess…not football….🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  8. The narrator makes this feel like a political assassination rather than a battle field lol

  9. This sounds like the guy who use to voice all the crazy driver road rage interactions on T.V

  10. ‘YO GO GURLLLLZZZZ” “lil baby girlies can do it tooo!”
    She’s alright but NOTHING COMPARED TO CARLSEN, Kasparov, Fischer, Capablanca, Morphy, etc….
    pssst: this kind of overt blatant pathetic political SIMPING dries up vaginas faster than a Death Valley drought. So don’t expect a dream date or <gasp> AN ACTUAL GF from this nauseating concentrated pandering.

  11. Wow even the guy in the background is recording in portrait mode. You have to be at least smart enough to play chess to record that way!

  12. Everybody has a weakness and she found his. I think it's awesome

  13. I know 1 opening C.M.

    I just wing it no Special strategies. Just fool around

  14. Isn’t he the guy that got busted cheating recently? Or was he the one that snubbed the cheater? I truly can’t remember

  15. Can't tell if this is a parody of American TV shows with the stupid music and overly dramatic narration

  16. ELO isn't what you think it is… It's embarrassing how many chess channels don't why ELO rating have climbed since they started way back when. It really measures you volume of wins vs losses over time. Somebody like Fischer played half the games Carlson does. Polgara, as a woman, had the same problem as women don't the opportunities.

  17. They really trying to make this game intense with the commentary

  18. I wonder when some guy will trans into becoming the best female ever…………

  19. Sounds like she might just be the best player in the world tbh, given that record.

  20. Excellent commentary, one suggestion if possible would be to show the remaining time left for each player

  21. Great narration and great video! What a fun match to watch.

  22. You make sure to call her the best female player, then don't make the distinction he's the best male player. Why is this?

  23. It's just a 3 minute game, FFS. Talk about clickbait.

  24. I hate that she can only be called the greatest FEMALE player of all time. Why is that a category? It's like the community is automatically disqualifying her from being the greatest of all time period. I mean I'm not surprised the chess world is incredibly misogynistic but every time I'm reminded is a sad time

  25. Now play out of 100 matches and Will see 😂

  26. I never really got how to play chess or how the game work is until I watched this video the animations and how it was explained made it seem understandable and simple

  27. I like Magnus and Judit very much, but there's one thing I don't understand. Why are men always considered superior to women in Chess? Are men smarter? Or maybe men have more strength to lift those heavy pieces?

  28. Staged, they were laughing from the start….oh well

  29. "this is a 3 minute blitz match so the stakes are high!" lmao

  30. At fifteen she looked forty but now she looks thirty?

  31. i have enjoyed more the game alone, and then the commentary

  32. Not sure if I just watched a chess game or a 90s TV crime documentary but either way I loved it. Nice video and great match between two of the greats.

  33. Fisher was the best, not Kasparov, not Carlsen. Especially not Carlsen.

  34. Judith: beaten every super-GM she's faced, male or female
    Community: "she's the best female player"

  35. Little did the victim know, this is exactly what Judit Slasher Polgar wanted him to do

  36. What a great role model to young women everywhere

    Got bless her

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