When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves

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When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves by Judit Polgar



  1. Hello, I am new to chess. Why did he give up and how was this meant to end? I sat and thought it out but I also don't want to be guessing.

  2. One town's very like another, when your head's down over your pieces, brother!

  3. Magnus was trying to show us that not even GM can get away with not casting xD

  4. So is she what they based The Queen's Gambit off of?

  5. The stakes are extremly high in a 3 min blitz match in a park during a super GM tournament in Spain in whic Carlsen player??? Seriously???

  6. "And it was at that moment… that he knew he fucked up."- Narrator

  7. Judith is the best blitz player ever?🎉😢😮

  8. Terrible commentary and the board display isn't well synced with it.

  9. Can someone tell me… Why when it is White's turn to move, after Time = 3:19 (or 3 mins 19 secs)… The White rook on g1 did not take the Black pawn on g7 ? That looks like a free pawn for the taking???

    The big mistake of Magnus was at about Time = 4:12 (or 4 mins 12), where he should have put his Black Rook on d8 (instead of c8), due to the "discovered" Checkmate… in order to defend the weak pawn on d7. Must be difficult to see all these moves in a game of speed chess!

  10. I also see Anish Giri in the audience. Where was this?

  11. all these article and video titles of how polgar ''destroyed'' carlsen. the record is 11-2 to carlsen, with 5 draws. i would hardly call that impressive on plogars part. more like she got her backsdie kicked by carlsen.

  12. if none of them ever speak about the truth of reality about the shadow government that is 400 years advanced in technology then their just genius idiots to me

  13. Who else keeps hearing this voice over in other reels & shorts?

  14. Man you make it sound like a murder investigation

  15. Was the queens gambit series on Netflix made on her?

  16. The narration was so irritating. I just wanted to see the interaction between the players, but with that dude yapping the whole time, I caught almost none of it.

  17. Me watching this is the equivalent of a monkey trying decipher an Ikea manual.

  18. It was an accident nothing less or more

  19. I'm a chess noob but playing white is always an advantage I think. Especially when top players meet.

  20. Magnus truly is the final boss. Judit came in with a crit for the win.

  21. Bobby Fischer is the most talented and gifted chess player to ever play chess. The only thing he lacked was longevity. There’s a difference between greatest and most talented and I’d rather be the most talented and gifted player every time…

  22. The way he narrates is so nice. 😂😂😂😂

  23. After watching this i wanted start training chess again

  24. What's up with this over dramatic narration???

  25. Magnus only lost because he was treating it as a joke. He was literally smiling and laughing and relaxed the whole time, while she was playing like her life depended on it

  26. Stupid commentary! It can only appeal to people who have never played the game in their life! But why would they even be interested in a game between two players they've probably never heard of!??

  27. im new to chess. how does fischer compare against kasparov and carlsen? because this video said people debate between kasparov and carslen but didnt mention fischer

  28. Honestly I was hoping it was like some random person and he underestimated her

  29. I wonder who would win between Magnus and the girl in queens gambit

  30. Polgar is no longer top ten in the world, although she was the only woman in history to achieve those heights, back in the noughties

  31. The Goat is Bobby Fisher and the rest are kings and Queens of chess. 😊

  32. soon as i turned the volume all of the way down,,,the vid got a loy more enjoyable

  33. Where can I find the original video with any talking over it?

  34. what if you scroll back up and destroy that sub button

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