What’s the best chess opening?

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  1. "Play the London"That's evolving, but backwards.

  2. I always play the Queens Pawn Chigorin Variation

  3. Anytime I play pawn F4 and my opponent mimics and we take with knights I lose. Very fast. So I don’t play that opening.

  4. Joe rogan – "have you ever tried DMT?"Levy – "have you tried the London system?"

  5. True, fun was why I got good in the first place, (relatively speaking) but then it became about work, not enjoyment, and I plateaued, it sucks cuz I know I had alot more potential if I just stayed with it, I still like to pick it up again now and then.

  6. Anyone know how I can see my own stats for how I play against each opening? Thanks

  7. Bro.. Im suffering from London… Its not working anymore

  8. Can you react to my account? PrettyBadChessPlayerLol
    That is the username. Please, I'm stuck.

  9. Play the london play the caro… Levy you said fun.

  10. I never play for advantages so when i lose it doesbt feel bad

  11. What website is Gotham using to analyse repertoire like this?

  12. My friend hit 2200 playing only the London and the Scandinavian

  13. got my first brilliant love out of an opening that started with a4 and i only played on flanks.

    yea I did win

  14. At some point I realized studying chess is boring and decided to play bullet where chaos rules

  15. London is the exact opposite of the word "Fun"

  16. Edited clips left out of the video: “your Norwegian opening needs work too”, “your problem is lose then you eat Doritos”, “maybe stop eating so many Doritos”, “just stop”, “stop”.

  17. Obviously the King’s Indian System. You can play it no matter what your opponent plays.

  18. I usually rekt people with white e4 when I checked my games

  19. I'm sitting at 1900-2000 rating through blitz and rapid and I only use fun openings because even if I drop hundreds of points, at this point I'd just rather have fun trying queen sacs than do the chore of learning the first 20 moves of every opening in history

  20. The london is the most fun opening everrrrr I am not rated that high but it is so much fun

  21. I'm only 1200, but I've been playing the Jobava London and it's super fun. You get a good feeling setup and every once in awhile you get to launch that Bishop and knight team up on someone that doesn't know it's coming.🤣

  22. People who think the London is "fun" probably enjoy watching paint dry

  23. >have more fun
    >play the london

    this is why levi won't be a gm

  24. "Have more fun"

    "Hmm, maybe he will say King's Gambit, Bishop's Opening, Smith-Morra Gambit or at least Bongcloud?"

    "Play the London" 💀🔫

  25. Me: just trade all our pieces and go pawn endgame

  26. i recommend kings gambit.i have reached twice winning precontile in rapid before💪. now is 60%win 37%lose in white.

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