What Your Chess Rating Says About You

In this video I describe what your chess rating says about you. Don’t get mad at me. Some very general statements are being made in this video.
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  1. Wow, what a nonsense video about player strength…xD

  2. I couldn't read the last sentence cos the suggestions blocked it. What did it say?

  3. Its so sad for anyone 2500-2600 ELO, wasted their entire life on a board game. But 2750+ is alright.

  4. as a -1 elo, I am offended you didn't include my rating

  5. This is such a stupid video why are people watching this

  6. 500 currently how many years it will take for me to be 2500 😢❤

  7. I like to imagine a superGM watching the last part and being surprised, that he is a superGM

  8. me who is at around 250 elo and only plays with my friends💀💀

  9. soooo im not good unless im a gm 😭😭😭

  10. i rly suck but theres more ppl that suck more 💀💀

  11. Does it refer fide rAting or online rating?

  12. Coming from a fast growing sub-350 I kinda understand.

  13. 3700+ You're either stockfish or a cheater

  14. oh man here we go
    who also is in the 400 elo club here

  15. I think it's alway better to be underestimated. And the worst is getting precisely estimated. I'd rather be overestimated than exacted.

  16. As a Player that has 600 Elo I'm Literally Lack At Positional Skill But I'm Getting 1 or 4 blunders only

  17. 2 months into chess and I am 800+ rated. Started from the bottom i.e. 350. With 430+ games I am here.

  18. 2900+: You’re either an alternate universe Magnus or you’re a super advanced chess bot

    3100+: You’re a super advanced chess bot

    4000+: never thought this elo would be possible even by an engine. Hi Stockfish.

    5000+: Liar

    0 or 1: You’re not Mittens or the Questionmaster shut up

  19. 1200 rated player here. I started in late 2022 when chess blew up and began with 400 elo. Played a few rapid games and learned some openings and positional tactics and got to around 700 elo, where I stopped playing chess for a bit. Came back about two months later and somehow my ability shot up 300 elo from when I left off and now I am have a 1200 rating in rapid (900 in bullet and blitz).

  20. That describes me (a 1750) pretty well. My endgame knowledge is actually shaky

  21. 490 elo here, I was still a beginner so I dropped all the way to sub-100 since March, but now im pushing up🔥💪

  22. I strongly disagree that people 1000-1500 have erratic openings. I 90% play the same opening as white and have several openings as black against most common white moves. but I often get the same position black or white, just with colors reversed. However I can't force it with black so it only happens occasionally.

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