What is the best chess engine? Which should you use?

Even grandmasters ask this question, much less amateurs, and if you think the answer is simple and clear, think again! In this video I show you the best engines for different purposes and at the end show many other top chess engines you probably never even heard of! I have advised amateurs and world champions over decades and share here my thought process and opinions on the matter.

ChessBase 17

Stockfish Engine

Leela Chess Zero

Power Fritz

CCRL (Computer Chess Ratings List)


  1. Stockfish don’t like this night move he say the move he recommend is better

  2. Stockfish is the strongest chess engine today, but to analyze my game, I am more suitable to Shredder engine. Because the analyze result is more seems natural to me. So weird

  3. what is this program called where u run stockfish and other engines

  4. Maria (free to use online with Lichess and on PC/Mac with Lucaschess) is targeted and trained at certain ELO-rates. It is more a ChatGPT-like approach. It is trained on a broad set of games of players of a certain ELO-range. So

  5. How many of those other free engines are SF knockoffs?

  6. Isn’t the Nb5 move evaluated as equal by the neural networks, though? (Based on what I could glean from the analysis window in your video.) That seems an unusual analysis if indeed they are being positional, no?

  7. Are you the dude who "created" a chess engine entirely based in stockfish, hence your creation is no other thing than copy-paste-code forgery? What a shame for chessbase, a respectable site.

  8. Hi! I just wanna know what specs of laptop or pc is best for running chess engines

  9. Chessbase certainly lives up to its promise. It just keeps the game alive and going. Obviously, it could probably crush you, but instead, it keeps the game competitive and fun. Stockfish has no mercy and will probably crush you in a few moves. Are chess engines killing chess? I mean, even a superhuman feat from Magnus Carlsen would not be enough to beat the top chess engines of the day like Stockfish and Leela, to name a few.

  10. The best engine is, well, it depends on what you're intending to do.

    But as far as the STRONGEST chess engine… that would be Stockfish 16, or one of its derivatives (as of August 2023).

  11. Tom Trotter Original Music (Yamaha DGX, YPG, PSR) says:

    Good vid. Very informative. Thumbs up.

  12. Komodo Dragon deserves attention as well. Although it seems like it is not actively developed anymore.

  13. Thanks for this great vid, I've been playing computer chess since the C64 and Atari days, I hope that many people starting out withe computer chess sees this.

  14. very interesting video, could you paste here the pgn of wccc 2022 game that you have show?

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