What is the Back Rank Mate in Chess?

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  1. I like the style of how he makes his 2d chess piece moves by giving it a stylish spin

  2. The bongcloud has no such weakness

  3. I WAS SO DEVASTATED when I was still 800-900 I was wining about to checkmate him and then I GOT BACK RANK'D. So damn annoying. Gotta make those h6 a6 moves early

  4. How did you made this chess board and pieces ?

  5. Lol I had someone do this to me. Rip game #74

  6. I think you should do some more longer videos, not hatin on the shorts but I feel like going into more depth on certain things might help attract viewers to the channel. Openings, tactics, etc. Just a suggestion!

  7. 2 questions

    1: where did you get that chess board/hanging?

    2: how do the pieces slot into it?

  8. Amazing videos you just gained anew subscriber

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