What is Mittens’ ACTUAL Chess Rating?

Mittens is a chess bot recently released by Chess.com. It’s extremely strong and so far, only one human has managed to draw with it – GM Hikaru Nakamura. However, the website shows Mittens’ rating as 1, which we obviously know is untrue, seeing as it is the strongest bot on Chess.com – it can even draw with the “Maximum” bot!
What is Mittens’ ACTUAL Chess Rating?
In this video, I run a mock “tournament” featuring Mittens and some various chess engines, weakened to fit a certain ELO in order to determine its rating. I also explain how Mittens actually works and which engine it runs!

Stockfish 15.1 running on AVX2, depth 20, i7-11370H @ 4.2 GHz
Komodo 13.02 running on depth 20, i7-11370H @ 4.2 GHz
Leela Chess Zero 0.29.0 running on CUDA, depth 8-10, RTX 3050 Ti

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Mittens (?) vs. Komodo 13.02 (3388)
2:43 – Stockfish 2500 (2500) vs. Mittens (?)
4:31 – Stockfish 2700 (2700) vs. Mittens (?)
6:24 – What is Mittens’ rating?
6:32 – How does the bot work?
7:35 – Thanks for watching!

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What is Mittens’ ACTUAL Chess Rating?

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What is Mittens’ ACTUAL Chess Rating?

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  1. I have been waiting for this video for exactly 2 days 6 hours and 12.31 seconds

  2. i hope they wont remove mittens and actually make her an actual bot

  3. It's an adaptive bot so real Max rating is said to be between 3267 and 3500

  4. So mittens is a modified Komodo, now that is actually disappointing, I hoped for something more exotic…

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