Verify Your Chess Rating: Solitaire Chess Ep. 1 – Paul Morphy – Elephant Gambit – Chess Training

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  1. i got 63 points
    so i am 1800-1999 (51-65)
    that doesn't seem right, I really don't think its predicting my lichess rating, its definitely FIDE,

    but I am rated 1760 lichess classical and 1860 rapid, and a NEVER spent over 5 minutes on a move
    so its either i am 999 IQ when looking at others games,9IQ when i play my own, or I am 2000 most of the time, just blunder a lot..
    considering a ended with 4/7 points on lichess yesterday, against 2000+ players, its probably the later.

  2. I'm 1643 ELO rated and got 76 points (2000-2199) whitch is quite nice 🙂 In my opinion this is one of your best ideas ever, but I suggest to just show your moves without analysis first. It would be really funny to see your predictions and thinking process after seeing whole puzzle game. Great job with your channel, keep going

  3. I don't know my rating, since I just recently watch chess again and stumbled upon your nice channel. Guess I haven't played chess seriously over thirty years. My points were 37 so the score about 1600 what feels somewhat where I am today. Most moves I saw, but took others and therefor don't get points on those. I think there should be more partial points to hand out. And less bonus points because I can always credit some thoughts towards those. Your explanation doesn't bother me since I play my own game, but of course it always influence the thinking process and will help what's not completely fair. Love your channel, thanks, it makes me both happy and smarter. <3 BTW, do you know a free (online) chess game which I can use also to improve?

  4. Got 92.

    Love the awesome video, way cool one of my favourites mate.

  5. 92 like wth bro i am 1500
    i am just suprised, like -700 to everything is ok with rating

  6. O like your comments very much! Most of the video value.

    Though I think that it can influence my thinking of next move[s], ie. to interfere thru the eval values/tables, ie. to artificially slightly improve my rating. But, you know, people shall not be unhappy because of it.

  7. 35:19 Nf6 then Qf6 then Rf1 if Qd8 then Qc7 if Qc7 there is Rf8# . I think that is how Nf6 works.

  8. This was so much fun! Please make more of these!

    And please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas as you did here. Great Job!

  9. I am around 1700 and I got 66-80 because you did not mention how many points for that Nxf6 move. Also my points got a bit inflated because of your analysis 🙂 Overall, I think this is a really fun exercise. I loved every second of it.

  10. i am 1416 on board (without considering i increased 9) and here i am 2200

  11. Lol ain't no way I'm 1600-1799 🤣.

    Although I am proud that I saw the checkmate as soon as the knight trade happened (although I didn't see it before the move, so I wouldn't have had that available.

  12. Yeah… I don't think that was right. I got 95 but I'm not even 1800.

  13. I did found Nxf6. The moment I saw that you didn't found it, it was actually played by Morphy… The feeling of satisfaction was extraordinary.
    It was fun

  14. "really old"? 2009? compared to 2021 maybe. Great fun nonetheless.

  15. Another great way of learning, my total points are 76 but I earn 33 point from ur ideas. Like the way you explained ur thought process.

  16. Scored 35 rating might be high. Great idea. Fun. Little less forward thinking perhaps.

  17. this paper is some 600 points deviated from reality but ok

  18. 7:18 Nf3 (back), if the pawn takes then loses the black queen… then what to do next 🙂

  19. Well I got a 53…and im like a 1000 rated player. I tried to not think about your analysis and use my own head but it was hard and I think it helped me get around half of those points.

    Edit: Apparently you start out at -20, so 33 makes a lot more sense but still.

  20. 95 points would put me by far too high in the ranking. I don't deserve more than 2100 points perhaps.

  21. Something from 2009 is really old now? Am I a dinosaur to you?
    … paper, notebook and a pen? What's that then?

  22. Thank you Nelson for this awesome solitaire chess, I love it!✌️😎oh no, I am addicted to this game, science, art…of chess👍

  23. My rating was 76😬but actually I am about 1957/2000 but played no rated games since several weeks, instead I was training hard on chess 😉

  24. Think like Morphy is a good idea and a good reference in guessing .. your setup is OK while spontanious .. do pick another useful game though, this one was awesome .. my club rating is about 1850, on LiChess Rapid it's 2000, here i scored 82 points = 2200+ !? Thank you, keep up the good work !

  25. I got 75…
    That was partially true because I’m usually around 2000-2199 only in Puzzles.
    But when I actually play the game, I am like 1000 lol just because I just blitz out moves since that’s my playstyle.
    Only thing the Puzzle didn’t consider is that we are not Morphy, we are ourselves from within; and I guess that might be the possible improvement. Tho it’s quite fun.

  26. Love this format…. looked at different ways to evaluate positions (which is a weak spot for me). I agree that the verbal analysis should be done after the move is made.

  27. Lots of fun and very instructive, especially listening to how you analyze moves in real time. Yes, that gives away some ideas, but not that many (black did not always respond according to the lines you laid out) and if you don't view this as a way to measure your strength, but a way to learn how to calculate, it's great.

  28. Score = 80, 2000-2199 rating, but I think I'm more like between 1600-1799.

  29. I'm not playing chess a lot…sometimes a puzzle or challenge….but 50 years ago I did play….for fun with friends.
    After that I started playing bridge for points….because it's a team (and I got a rating in that game)
    Even with NO experience in chess for a long time, and never done anything to get a rating I scored 63 points….
    However…after my experiences as child I cannot say I'm a totally noob.

  30. This gives me around 1945 and I am only 1080 OTB in slow time control. Love to hear your thought process.

  31. I liked the way you explained your ideas.

  32. I did get the knight takes knight one though. And I know why he did it, because knights can be real bastards in the endgame.

  33. Great vid
    Got 80 points and I have 1600 fide, 2200 lichess rapid 😁
    Maybe would be better to analyze afterwords for not to give tips

  34. It said one bonus point for Nc5, not one point of partial credit; I think that means it's worth 6 points (5 for Nxf6 and 1 bonus)

    That said, I got 53 points… and, uh, my USCF rating is 1455 so uh, I think they set those ratings a bit flattering.

  35. First, let me say how much I enjoy solitaire chess. I hope you do many more of these videos.
    I believe the reason the ratings are skewed so high is because there are no negative consequences for incorrect moves. Your next move is always based on the move actually play by a GM in the game.

  36. I got 79, and I'm a1750-1800 player. Even with the -20 one is supposed to start from. the scale gives me something like a 1950 rating which is perhaps my lichess rating, at best…

  37. Saw that back rank checkmate idea because of your video on checkmate patterns. Also, these are without a doubt my favourite videos on your channel

  38. I'm pretty proud that Nxf6 was the first thing I calculated. I was spotty on the rest though.

  39. I got 1800-1999 but i'm a 600 rapid.reason foe this is that i don't really play ladder, i play the boys. Currently i can beat 1600 bots with medium difficulty, on good days i can beat the 1700 bot with extreme difficulty, mostly because i play moves without thinking much. i guess this has taught me to slow down and analyze my games a bit more when i'm playing to win more frequently. This is was fun, and i will definitely be watching more of your solitaire chess video's because i believe it is a very fun, easy, and entertaining to do solitaire chess.

  40. The author of this solitaire game is an idiot (not Nelson!). Stockfish was coming up with several moves better than what has been played (such as 12 Qe3 and 19 Nc5 (which is at least one full point better than 19 Nxf6), I gave myself full credit points on these two moves and got 109). This should have been called "Can you play like Morphy", it has nothing to do with your chess rating. Playing strength shouldn't be measured in reference to another player, it should be done against the engine (or the most accurate moves).

  41. My real rating is 1400 but my score is 72 that means 2000 – 2199

  42. On move 9 , couldn't morphy have taken on C7 check, forking the rook forcing queen to take. Then take the pawn on E4 with knight on D2. Queen moves back to E7 and then you push pawn to d6.

  43. I scored 87 which placed me in the2200-2399 category!

  44. i am a 1200 and i got 62 so id guess this isnt very accurate 😛

  45. I got 56 points, my elo is 580 ;-;, and no for those of you thinking it I did not get the points just cuz he said them /:

  46. I hit 98 but my rating is 500

  47. I hit 98 but my rating is 500

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