Under 800 Rated? Watch This.

In this video I talk through my moves against chess players rated under 800 to explain what they are doing wrong. Hope this is helpful to you and lmk if I should do the same thing with other rating groups 😀

00:00-00:40 Intro
00:40-11:50 Game 1
11:50-15:50 INSANE STUFF
15:50-24:40 Game 2
24:40-25:09 Conclusion

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. if u want that i improve u could become my wife. well but actually i dont want that :D.

  2. Ahhh non-duck-chess. Interesting. 😂
    Please more duck-chess with Botez. Please! ☺

  3. Hello Anna. I'm also just in 770 rating. And may I say you're very cute.

  4. We all know now how to win against a under 800, lol.

  5. the first thing my opponents do is bringing the queen out and they capture almost all my troops

  6. Is this really a thing? I have never seen such a player.

  7. I think chess is an amazing game, but I suck at it. I suffer from what I can only describe as 'chess dyslexia.' For some reason I lose sight of where pieces are and what squares they control, and will happily move my pieces into an undefended blunder. But I still enjoy videos like these which show what I should be doing.

  8. This is kinda rude… It looks like she is using a smurf account to stomp noobs. You kind of have no chance if you get matched against her when her real rating is much higher…

    Either way, at the end (at 11:36), when she says "there was nothing my opponent could do", couldn't he just sacrifice his queen at e8 to avoid the check mate?

  9. You have no idea how helpful this video was.


  11. I’m about 850 and wouldn’t have seen the check mate coming in the second game.

  12. Hey Anna, a tiny advice from a viever who likes your videos! You should at least 'normalize' your raw audio and you can do it with a basic audio app / program… the difference your videos audio and commercials audio are to much 🙂 loves from İstanbul <3

  13. Love this style of video, just climb the ranks doing this and I'll watch them all

  14. Cute-cool pretty-blonde girl and good chess, perfection right here ♥️

  15. Rating 831 atm, seriously my first game trying that quick check mate worked 😂

  16. So now all my opponents pieces are falling apart.

  17. please do other ratings. In particular around 1000

  18. I paused to go try out that opening for black and couldn’t get it to work, and then I realized my rating was a little higher than 800, so that’s my bad 😅

  19. How the hell are you so sexy explaining chess stuff……

  20. There are going to be so many teenage boys who fall in love with chess because of this girl hahaha

  21. Amazing! thanx for that. Please watch your audio levels, they"re a bit too low. Izotope RX can help you with loudness.

  22. I was literally stagnated at 550 – 600 until I watched this. Thank you so much

  23. Your commentary is FANTASTIC! You are a natural teacher.

  24. Well, I tried avoiding my frequent pawn to f6(c3) and did kc6. It felt awkward. I'll try it more times off and on. I need to more thoroughly explore f6 type moves before I abandon it generally.

  25. that two games with exactly the same line is quite funny

  26. Nice video! It would be nice to see a series w a progression towards 1500. Fwiw, I see that bishop and rook checkmate once every couple weeks even in 1200+ games.

  27. Андрей сын Николаев says:

    Me 1900 watching this:👀

  28. Honestly, sex really sells doesn't it

  29. low ELO legends going deep into openings and stuff, when the most important skill is what Anna said "look for checks, captures and attacks"

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