Under 800 Rated? Watch This.

In this video I talk through my moves against chess players rated under 800 to explain what they are doing wrong. Hope this is helpful to you and lmk if I should do the same thing with other rating groups 😀

00:00-00:40 Intro
00:40-11:50 Game 1
11:50-15:50 INSANE STUFF
15:50-24:40 Game 2
24:40-25:09 Conclusion

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. great video anna! very helpful to me as a beginner!

  2. Yes , please do for 900-1000 rating! Very helpful

  3. Bring Mom and Dad
    I would love tips from them
    Nothing against you
    Pia is genius

  4. Great video. I improved a lot. Would you make a video on sicilian opening?

  5. If your close to losing can you disconnect and not get a lost? Great video girl.

  6. I learned quite a bit from this. What I run into the most is instead of holding tension on the board the opponents are always trigger happy about trading pieces and it leaves us both with very few pieces to work with. That being said, seeing how you pin pieces giving yourself time to develop faster than the opponent was a huge help.

  7. This was really helpful. I'm horrible at this game. Always have been. My brain can't even see half a move ahead. But by copying your opening I can now beat some entry-level AI, which is nothing short of a miracle.

  8. The audio level of your video is really low, btw.

  9. If you are rated under 800, you need brain surgery.

  10. Quick thing. You know you can undo the pre-move with right mouse click right?, a no ser que tengas configurado otro boton.

  11. You're amazing! And I love you're spirit! Maybe you can show tips on how to be a good sport, I'm a horrible sore loser, I need help on that front,lol

  12. I was rated about 615, but after watching this video I only play black, using this counter to the Ruy Lopez. Three days later and I'm a 2300 rated player.

  13. Black has a trap that Anna didn't make clear.

    White's Qe2 (6:09) is threatening Qe6 followed by Qf7#. As Anna pointed out black could block Qe6 with Ne5, but a better plan would be to let Qe6 happen, and THEN move Ne5, which would trap the queen. Black seemed to be following that lead with b6 (6:53). Anna discusses this issue at 7:20, but doesn't make black's trap clear.

  14. dear anna I'm stuck at 1000 please tell me how to get better from there

  15. I recommend that if you're going to play against actual players (e.g. Sneekee12) you blank out their name unless they've specifically said you can use their gameplay for your video. 🙂 Great content, just wanted to make that note.

  16. Loved your smile when they fell for the checkmate 😃

  17. I don't need that. I am 801 already, far above that petty 800 ELO

  18. More of these please! Very instructive!

  19. I think at 9:14 you should have captured the knight with rookE1 instead of bishop.

  20. I just played a 10min after watching this, and I lost to a very ugly checkmate 🙂

  21. LOL the exact same game. Insane. This was super helpful. Please make more of this!!

  22. This is a good demonstration how 2000 wins over 600. Next question how to grow over 800 if you are 800 LOL.

  23. When I play 700 rated chess it feels like my opponent is Magnus Carlsen.

  24. This video was extremely insightful. Nobody teaches the way you just showed moves. I just started playing chess with a super low rating around 400 and would definitely wanted to progress. Please keep this kind of tutorials coming👍🏼🙏🏽

  25. Awesome video for beginners. Very cool presentation of your great tips and tactics. Can’t wait for the next level 🤗

  26. 6 minutes in if you had played knight to b5 you could've finished the game, am I wrong?

  27. not under 800, but you too nice, so I couldn't resist and click on the video)

  28. I am not know what this 800 mean butt you are cute

  29. I can finally watch Anna's videos without feeling stupid!

  30. I watched the entire video and didn't hear a word. Can't be this pretty and teach me, I'm too distracted

  31. I've seen many chess videos but 15:13 is my favorite moment in all of them 😂

  32. Anna makes this all look easy – tried it myself get mated!

  33. "the game was short so i am going to play one more"
    : ends up playing it the exact same way, move by move xD

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