Under 1200 Rated? Watch This.

In this video I talk through my moves against chess players rated under 1200 to explain what they are doing wrong. Hope this is helpful to you and lmk if I should do the same thing with higher rande rating groups 😀

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. I like those videos, but I honestly believe you could play more advanced players with more time to explain the moves and tactics. Bullet chess makes us anxious. Playing with 14 seconds is just nuts. 😂

  2. מיסטעריע английский says:

    God can she talk, nonstop… So aggravating watching her clock tick down & listening to her drone on & on & on & on… The voice just puts me on edge. Good player, but rather the poor man's Dina especially in looks. Perhaps her Mum should commentate ( & play). Now there's an idea.

  3. I watched all the videos on this channel and now I play them again, randomly.I like Anna's style more than others.

  4. This is perfect teaching. Congratulations and thank you, Anna !

  5. This girl sounds like the ewoks in Star Wars lol

  6. Hi Anna, how are you?! I love your energy! I love your enthusiasm to give such great advice about playing chess! I especially like when it is just you in front of the camera. I hope you don't mind me being so honest it's because you are so hot!

  7. At 14:58 can’t opponent do Qxe5 defending their rook and attacking Anna’s bishop?

  8. First game, that dwindling time stresses me, like she forgot!

  9. I think you underestimate 1200 rating in blitz… sometimes it feels like playing against Kasparov

  10. 16:39 "I didn't do anything crazy" well you played most of the game with under 20 seconds on the clock while giving us great insight into what's happening and why

  11. She talks too much and she's denfending her moves saying she is right but sometimes she is not.

  12. Anna,
    Please do not scream so much, otherwise content is great

  13. Great format. I'll watch your live games like this any time because I learn so much from them.

  14. That first game you seemed in danger of running out of time, like less than 20 seconds to the opponent's two minutes.

  15. Learning so much from your vids. Thanks a lot 🙂

  16. The way you were losing time was making me stressed 😰😰😰😰

  17. Oh my gosh, hearing how you think out situations is so helpful!Thankyou for these videos!

  18. Umm you know you know you know you know umm ummm ummm you chose to get paid for speaking you know why Gotham chess is where he is she has no verbal crutches!!! No matter how good your content is and how helpful it might be it doesn't matter if you make it unwatchable by irritating people with your verbal

  19. “Most people don’t blunder a queen or a rook at this level” had an opponent rated ~1200 blunder their queen lol

  20. This is why i'm not 1200 already. I keep getting matched up against people like Anna Cramling playing alt accounts. Yeah…that's it.

  21. very instructive 👍👍👏👏

  22. What is not important is how you are rated!

  23. Excellent vid. Glad I found this channel. I can imagine my ratings climbing already. Thanks Anna.

  24. Cannot concentrate on what Anna is explaining because I cannot ignore the time :))

  25. Having time to think helps. On bullet and blitz I'm 400, I'm 850 rapid and 950 daily😂

  26. Constantly impressed her ability to explain the entire game while playing. I wonder many times she’s chatting and makes a mistake then having to remake the video.

  27. i could listen to you all day long , how much id learn is a different issue 😋

  28. This is stressful watching you explain a dozen tips with 4 seconds on the clock. Well done and great video though, I need a breather now

  29. Anna thank you for your wonderful chess information you have got me back into the game

  30. Anna is the best, because SHE EXPLAINS EACH AND EVERY MOVE.

  31. "Fewer people do blunders", not "less". Great videos! 🙂

  32. Can you get a rating estimate without playing humans?

  33. You are doing a very good job explaining your moves. THANK YOU!😇

  34. I’m new to playing online. Sorry for my ignorance. Which chess platform is being used here? Can it be recommended? Do you start on zero and play yourself up or how does it work?

  35. why do you play the clock if you get additional time? Just play w/o the close and give us the lesson.

  36. I love how good u explain and teach us everything. Really thank you Anna ❤

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