Under 1200 Rated? Watch This.

In this video I talk through my moves against chess players rated under 1200 to explain what they are doing wrong. Hope this is helpful to you and lmk if I should do the same thing with higher rande rating groups 😀

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thought you were not paying attention to the clock and would lose the first game on time. I think you knew the time and were just confident and cool down to the last second. Great video.

  2. Me watching this video: Ugh, why do all the 1200 advice videos give advice for like 900 to 1,000s?

    Me at 18:29: THIS IS A GAME CHANGER

  3. u1600 would be great. More at all levels would be great. It's fantastic to hear your real – time thought process.

  4. Thanks for the Great Tips! Please do one for 1600 players

  5. so cool i fit under all these videos haha thats good thing about being 300 rated 😀

  6. For people with anxiety, anna is not losing on time so relax guys.

  7. Hey can you play James Gotham and in put it on youtube

  8. I started with a rating of 996. Since then, my rating has gone down. I mostly blame myself for playing at the end of the day when I'm super tired. I haven't played much at all in the past 32 years. My older brother taught me to play, but we didn't play a lot. I got very sick after that and I've been in hospital after hospital until about 2014. Now that I'm back to "normal" I'm trying to get back into the things I enjoyed when I was younger, like chess.

  9. This is great content, keep doing these !!!

  10. I'm still struggling to reach 1200 after years of playing… thanx a lot for your tactix. More on this level. I'd be curious to hear your opinion on that famous guy developing so fast that he's being accused of cheating with some very sofisticated way.

  11. Thank you Anna, this was really helpful. Especially trading inactive pieces for your opponents active ones.

  12. Under 1600 and 1800 please this one was good too

  13. Now I can find out of I am over 1200. The 800 mistakes were obvious.

  14. no im over 2000. if i had opening knowledge i could become at least candidate master. but thats too time consuming to memorize all these lines and chess is not that important.

  15. Hi Anna, thanks for the great videos, in your opinion board setup like color, pieces Theme, can effect the online games?

  16. I think you should play the games in a longer time control (maybe 15+10 or something) when teaching. That way you dont have to rush at the end.
    Great content though!

  17. I could watch vids like this all day. Doesn't get much more helpful than talking through the exact mistakes I am making and how to come up with better ideas. Take away for me this vid was that rook knight dance to improve, and better understanding of how to keep good pawn structure. Yes to 1600, yes to these videos being 4 games, yes to 12 more 1200 vids 😋😅

  18. please increase the time. do less games but longer. thanks

  19. 2:10 I was always taught to push my bishop back when opening with the London in hopes to open up my rook. Really like hearing different ways of playing the London.

  20. Anna 1st game you play c3, why not c4 for more pressure?

  21. I have an idea for you. You can choose a shorter time control, so that after the game, you get more time for analysis. I think that would be helpful.

  22. Of course, for under 1600, that is when the game start to get interesting. You might want to wait for a longer game even tough you talk very fast.

  23. This was a great video. Make more content like this, plz. Also, I strongly suggest you up the time control (or even explain your thought process on a later analisys), it seems that there are times in witch you cut your explanation short because of it. It would be great to explain if you see a tactic your oponent could have played and the thought process on it. Thx 😀

  24. I'm rated 1201, i'm definetly too good for this video 💅

  25. Let's go let's go let's go 😂 you do make me laugh Anna 🤣💜

  26. Levy, Eric, Botez sisters, Hikaru, etc. are all great but I love watching Anna's content. She's so fun and also really smart.

  27. Anna is at the opposite end of the dialogue intensity spectrum from Eric Rosen 🙂

  28. You're such a good teacher! You explain the positions very clearly, it's a joy to watch. Also I'm 1400 so pls make another Kappa

  29. I get so much anxiety watching the clock tick down as you casually talk about a position!

  30. Would be funny if PPPPrincess simultaneously recorded her own youtube video.

  31. Я вообще ни слова не понимаю на английском, не особо хорошо играю в шахматы….но я смотрю на эту красавицу и мне хорошо)))

  32. sorry to break this, but i'm still too good for this video regardless of rating

  33. That opponent surely pulled their hair out

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