Top female chess players by FIDE Ranking in 2023

Best women chess players according to FIDE Ranking in March 2023. See who are among the top 100 female chess players in the world. How many points in the FIDE Ranking do popular female chess players Alexandra Botez, Anna Cramling and Qiyu Zhou have?

The Women’s FIDE Ranking is a list of the top female chess players in the world, compiled by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). The ranking system is based on a player’s performance in FIDE-rated tournaments over the past 12 months, and it serves as a measure of a player’s current strength and skill level.

Since its establishment in 1971, the Women’s FIDE Ranking has become an essential tool for players, coaches, and organizers, providing a comprehensive overview of the top female players’ standings. The ranking system comprises players from all corners of the world, from the United States to Russia, China, and beyond, and it has helped to promote gender equality in chess by highlighting the achievements of women players. One of the most remarkable aspects of the Women’s FIDE Ranking is the fierce competition it has fostered among female players. Over the years, the rankings have been dominated by some of the most talented players in the game, including Judit Polgar, Hou Yifan, and Alexandra Kosteniuk, to name just a few.

Iconic figure in women’s chess is Hou Yifan, who became the youngest-ever Women’s World Chess Champion at the age of just 16. Hou Yifan has been a dominant force in women’s chess for over a decade, and she continues to inspire a new generation of female players around the world.

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The best women chess players according to FIDE Ranking in March 2023 are:

1. Hou Yifan
2. Humpy Koneru
3. Aleksandra Goryachkina
4. Kateryna Lagno
5. Ju Wenjun
6. Lei Tingjie
7. Alexandra Kosteniuk
8. Tan Zhongyi
9. Nana Dzagnidze
10. Mariya Muzychuk

Hou Yifan is widely regarded as one of the most talented female chess players of all time, having won the Women’s World Chess Championship several times and achieved a peak rating of 2686. As of 2023, she remains a dominant force in women’s chess and continues to inspire a new generation of players.

Aleksandra Goryachkina is a rising star in women’s chess and is known for her exceptional tactical skills and creative play. In 2019, she won the Women’s Candidates Tournament, earning the right to challenge Ju Wenjun for the Women’s World Chess Championship. Although she narrowly missed out on the title, she remains one of the strongest female players in the world and a fierce competitor.

Carissa Yip is a young American player who has been making a name for herself in the chess world in recent years. She became the youngest female player to defeat a Grandmaster at the age of just 10 and has since gone on to win numerous national and international titles.

Anna Cramling is a Swedish chess player who comes from a family of chess players. Her mother is Grandmaster Pia Cramling, and her mother is International Master Juan Bellon Lopez. Anna has been playing chess since she was four years old and has already achieved significant success in her young career. She is known for her tactical awareness and ability to play with both speed and precision.

Qiyu Zhou is a Chinese-Canadian chess player who has been making waves in international chess tournaments. Zhou has a unique playing style that focuses on strategic planning and positional play. She is an International Master and has won numerous tournaments, including the Canadian Women’s Chess Championship.

Alexandra Botez is a Canadian chess player who has been making waves in the world of online chess. She is known for her aggressive style and her ability to play at high speeds. Botez has also become a popular streaming personality, hosting her own Twitch channel where she broadcasts her games and provides commentary.

Humpy Koneru is an Indian chess player who has been one of the top female players in the world for over a decade. She became the youngest woman ever to achieve the title of Grandmaster at the age of 15, a record she held until Hou Yifan broke it in 2008. Koneru has won numerous international titles, including the Women’s Asian Chess Championship, the Commonwealth Women’s Chess Championship, and the Women’s World Blitz Chess Championship. She is known for her aggressive and tactical style of play, which has earned her widespread acclaim among chess enthusiasts.


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