Top 20 Chess Players of All-time by FIDE Peak Rating


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  1. i hate this rating systemthis ranking system not showing the true strength .a player like Mikhail Tal with a unique playstyle Not appreciated properly .

  2. Tbh Fischer , Tal and Kasparov should be in all time 3 as they achieved sky high rating in those days and if they played in modern days easily they would have crossed 2800(Tal and Fischer)

  3. Nice… This got to my recommendations lol… Bro this vid might actually pop off ngl

  4. Thanks… I heard about some of them, didn't know they were thaaat good

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  7. Unfortunately, because of the way that the elo system works, a person's rating is only relative to the strength of other players at the time. Regardless, it's still an interesting list 🙂

  8. This video is getting yoinked by he algorithm lmao

  9. Ratings work by showing how good someone is relative to other players of the time. You can't compare ratings between years. Better would be highest rating difference between top players

  10. Chess has pretty much been solved by modern AI engines, it's just that human will never play at that level, so human chess will always be interesting because mistakes will be made.

  11. But hikaru said , his highest rate in chess us 3233 or something like that . Someone please explain to me , I'm new at chess channel so I didn't know much about rating and tournament

  12. Capablanca, Fisher and Magnus shoul be in top3.

  13. Unpopular opinion: Levon aronan and ding > Wesley So and current Fabi

  14. Bubblun The Bubble Dragon (Bubble Bobble leader) says:

    Is Hikaru a Japanese?

  15. Bubblun The Bubble Dragon (Bubble Bobble leader) says:

    There's Something after Magnus…

    Rank: 0
    Rating: 9999
    Name: Chess God

  16. Rating isn't everything, if you make chess all about the numbers you kill the beauty in it and what's the humanity in that? Chess is more than math, it's art. If you run Tal, Morphy or even Nezhmetdinov games through today's best engines, some of their moves make no sense to the computer, but despite their opponents playing engine moves in response their brilliance reveals itself in ways that are to be admired even today. They walked so these men could fly

  17. I like how Vishy and Vlad are tied at the same peak elo, two great champions of the game, great personalities and so little to differentiate between them..

  18. Stopped the video when I saw Bobby Fischer at #20. Enough said.

  19. Awesome 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    My suggestion for the Criteria are as follows.
    – World Champion
    – World Cup Champion
    – 2800+ Club
    – Top 25 Rating List Consistently
    – Top Innovator – Theoretician.
    – Consistent Tournament Finalists
    – Candidates Winner
    – Top Women Rated player which
    Top 50 Open (for 2-3 Spots)

    Here are my Nominees
    In no particular order:

    50. Hou Yifan
    49. Judit Polgar
    48. N Gaprindashvili

    1. M Carlsen
    2. G Kasparov
    3. RJ Fischer
    4. V Anand
    5. V Kramnik
    6. A Karpov
    7. V Topalov
    8. M Tal
    9. B Spassky
    10. T Petrosian
    11. M Botvennik
    12. M Euwe
    13. V Smyslov
    14. E Lasker
    15. JR Capablanca
    16. P Morphy
    17. W Steinitz
    18. A Alekhine

    19. RL Segura
    20. A Nimzowitsch
    21. J Zukertort
    22. M Najdorf
    23. P Damiano
    24. A Petroff/Petrov
    25. A Philidor
    26. H Staunton
    27. B Larsen
    28. S Winawer
    29. A Andersson
    30. A Rubinstein
    31. S Tarrasch
    32. M Chigorin

    33. L Aronian
    34. F Caruana
    35. H Nakamura
    36. T Radjabov
    37. G Kamsky
    38. P Svidler
    39. R Ponomariov
    40. MV LaGrave
    41. S Karjakin
    42. A Grischuk
    43. W So

    44. V Ivanchuk
    45. A Shirov
    46. B Gelfand
    47. V Korchnoi

    If I would make an all time 10 chess influence, my list would look like in random order :

    1. Robert James Fischer
    2. Gary Kasparov
    3. Magnus Carlsen
    4. Vishy Anand
    5. Jose Raul Capablanca

    6. Paul Morphy
    7. Emmanuel Lasker
    8. Vladimir Kramnik
    9. Mikhail Botvennik
    10. Anatoly Karpov

    11. Judit Polgar
    12. Ruy Lopez Segura

  20. If Magnus didn't exist Fabiano would've been the fucking G, crazy how strong Carlsen is

  21. Magnus is the only person that has never dropped below the 2800 mark after he first passed it.

  22. Bobby Fischer had a massive gulf between him and his peers when it came to elo, which is a measure of your strength relative to competition. An interesting one would be largest difference between number one and number two over time… Fischer, Kasparov, Magnus.

  23. Crazy Alireza wasnt even on this list a year ago, then he blasted through everyone and went to 2804 from 2700 in a year!!

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