Top 20 Best Chess Players Ranking History (2000-2019)

In this Video we rank the best chess players in the world according to their FIDE chess ratings from 2000-2019. This list includes famous chess players like Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov or Fabiano Caruana.
The Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) governs international chess competition. Each month, FIDE publishes the lists “Top 100 Players”, “Top 100 Women”, “Top 100 Juniors” and “Top 100 Girls”, as well as rankings of countries according to the average rating of their top 10 players and top 10 female players. The Elo rating system is used.
We collect data from sources that are credible, after that we arrange it and visualize it with our own software that we coded in D3 JS (JavaScript). Also we use Adobe Premier Pro for editing our videos. We always triple check our information and take a look deeper so we can add more interesting information and depth to the topic we are researching.

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Caruana played for Italy from 2005 to 2015. On May 12, 2015, the USCF announced that he would be changing federations, to play for the USA. Unfortunately at the time of making this video i wasn’t able to change flags during animation 😔

We hope you like what you see and if you have any questions or want to request a topic don’t be afraid to drop a comment!

Physical-Jincheng Zhang
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  1. Poor Nakamura. He was fighting for that 2nd place the whole time and was only there for a couple of seconds.

  2. poor vladimir always top 3 or top 2 but never top 1

  3. Feel sorry for Pendyala Harikrishna. He broke into top 20 and stayed there for close to 3 yrs, yet none from India noticed his feat as they simply didn't want to look beyond the legendary Vishy Anand. He is still there in top 50 and 2700+ rating.

    This is what can happen when you are a consistent second-best talent for quite a long time.

    India has been producing some exciting child prodigies of late and I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of them make it to the list for 2020-2040.

  4. Anand and kramnik consistency is mind boggling.

  5. Kasparov like Federer ,Magnus like Djokovic.

  6. Magnus literally just yeeted every super GM

  7. The consistency of carlsen and anand is ridiculous

  8. I can’t lie Magnus is the goat of chess

  9. Where is 4200 elo chess warlord xqc?

  10. I seriously think Mikhail tail should be on top atleast for one moment

  11. What did we learn from this? Chess was invented in the year 2000 from Russia

  12. I feel sad after looking on wesley so country instead of phil i see usa fvck

  13. haha none of them can beat the wooden shield strategy though EZ win for the gaming Pharoah

  14. Fabiano is american, he plays for the US olympic team

  15. I was sutprised that wesley so was actually rank no.2 for a month or so

  16. Today Magnus is just at another level , F the ratings.

  17. Did anyone see that GM Benjamin guy who was salty at hikaru. I didnt.

  18. Ivanchuck may not have had the highest ELO, but he was (and still is) greatly feared by world champions as he has been known to have the ability to completely obliterate them at the board, or he will blunder on move 5. He is most certainly in my top 5 favourite players

  19. The only sports where age doesnt hold you down…

  20. Hey if you wouldn’t mind checking me out on twitch ttv smilediligently I stream nightly follow if you wouldn’t mind

  21. After magnus came race starts for second rank….😎

  22. Believe it or not

    1) Kasparov
    2) Boby
    3) Magnus

  23. Who is only watching to Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlson constantly ?

  24. The most important thing to note is this doesn't include retired player's final rankings and that the difference is merely a 100 points between the top and bottom. Yes that is quite bit in chess rankings but in real life, anybody could usually beat another player if they have a good game. Massive talent here.

  25. Hikaru Nakamura's humor is my favorite since with xQcOW

  26. Magnua for the past 10 year..what do you mean by 2700+ ELO?🤔 weak, so slow😈

  27. Top 20 Best Chess Players But Instead Its Just Magnus Carlsen

  28. Fabiano Caruana represents the United States so practically you are wrong
    Though I understand he is Italian-American or vice versa 🙂

  29. Hey,how do you make such videos with bars depicting the rating?

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