TOP 10 Chess Countries

The top ten chess nations in the world based on number of titled players, Grandmasters, and average rating of top 10 players. Where does your nation rank?

Full Nations List:

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  1. Three years later I believe india now at least ranks #2 if not #1

  2. In 2-3 year, avg rating of top chess players India would be number 3 or even 2 if we see some miracle chess prodigy gaining elo.
    I think India will be 2 at the end of this decade. We need to organize more fide rating chess competition throughout india as its bigger country to bring up some hidden talents.
    My bold prediction for future , we will see Indian world champion in coming years, and atlesst 2-3 indian in top 10. And 6-7 in top 20. Seeing indian chess rise there will be rise of chess in indian sub continent or indian origin player in other countries. Chess should also be flourish in African continent, south America and Australia. Should be included in Olympics as a sport and broadcasted on international television for mass audience. May chess win at last.

  3. I think chess is like culture in Russia and Europeans are the smartest and OIC countries are the dumbest on the earth. An honest review by an Indian.

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