TOP 10 Chess Countries

The top ten chess nations in the world based on number of titled players, Grandmasters, and average rating of top 10 players. Where does your nation rank?

Full Nations List:

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  1. amazing that you could pronounce all of the russian grandmaster's names correctly and absolutely butchered levon aronian's name. like.. why?

  2. Pronouncing all those names correctly is a massive flex.

  3. What suprise Armenia Azerbedjan they was always strong

  4. not perfectly pronounced but more than you could expect of a non native speaker. Bravo. Last name ist pronounced "nee-POM-nee-shee" with the second syllable stressed

  5. Your pronunciation in Russian names are so good

  6. Гордость за свою страну аж прёт из задницы!!

  7. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine all ex Soviet

  8. Chinese enter any field they make sure they become the No. 1 in it.

  9. So China has Wo hang hi, Wo hang hi , Wo hang hi and Ding Liren among their super GMs…wow.

  10. How many of those 'American' players are actually American?

  11. 🇮🇳 Hindustan meri jan, meri jan Hindustan

  12. So sad india has just 600 titled players being so populated, man imagine how many potentials gone to waste

  13. Where is the netherlands with anish giri and van foreest

  14. "Having been around for over a thousand years, and having been played by millions and millions of ppl", i cant understand why im still single

  15. Chess was invented in India so the past kings are the best players

  16. Aronian is no more Armenian player, he will be playing for USA.

  17. Until Ian Nepomniachtchi comes up you sounded like a native russian speaker

  18. Strongest chess nations in History were:
    Soviet Union/ Russia
    Hungary and
    Bobby Fischer

  19. By the way, India is better than china right now. According to later information, india's avarage rating of top 10 players is about 2670 while china is having 2703 as avarage rating of top 10 players, but the no. Of IMs and GMs in India is much more than no. Of IMs and GMs in china….In total, India has 69 GMs and 114 IMs, while China has only 48 GMs and 39 IMs, this implies although china is ahead of india by only 33 rating points of top 10 avarage, but India has 21 more GMs and 75 more IMs than china, so overall currently India is no. 3 because of so much more number of IMs and GMs

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  21. india's future number 2 in 5 years and possibly number 1 in 8 to 10 years . china isn't producing no where near as many chess prodigies as india . wang hao has just retired .average rating will come down . USA in chess is a fake number 2 with all the imports . now another import from armenia coming next . got another two transferred in from philippines and italy

  22. But the world no 1 dnt come from those countries..

  23. Such a great content, are you American?

  24. Irony is that the current world champion is none of these countries…..btw um from india

  25. Who is the creation of chess ???

    My country "india" 3000 BC

  26. I feel Armenia would not be on this list as Levon aronian has left Armenia

  27. Please don't forget to mention judit polgar for Hungary

  28. Nakamura's blood is japanesse and wesley so is a filipino

  29. US are using the same stones to defeat them.

  30. In actuality US has very less number of their original native population as chess players. As most of the top players are Asian origin.

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