TOP 10 Chess Countries

The top ten chess nations in the world based on number of titled players, Grandmasters, and average rating of top 10 players. Where does your nation rank?

Full Nations List:

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  1. US keeps buying players… (Caruana, So, Dominguez…) Next one of the list, Aronian, will make sure that Armenia will drop on this list.

  2. If you want to know the amount of Russian masters just look at the Russian population

  3. As a Russian I really appreciate the correct pronunciation of Russian names and surnames

  4. is Carlsen the only one in his country?

  5. i just found this video today and look at it Nepo is gonna face Carlsen for the one title everyone looks at

  6. You forgot India also has a BM Samay Raina 😍❤️

  7. You should have didided the number of GMs by the country's population/ (number of masters per million inhabitants) then and onky then you can tell how important is chess for that country and then rank it up. Iceland has currently 65 titled players, 14 GMs and 360,000 inhabitants , that gives almost 39 GMs per million, which country of those you listed can say they have a higher ratio? India? Russia? USA? China? no chance. Iceland is a chess country, which is what you are titling

  8. Norway 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. china is top ten, but third? youre kidding right? ahead of india? what planet are you living on. you can play a random person from the street in india and have a 1500 rated game

  10. Usa being no -2 with so,hikaru, and many who are immigrants.

  11. Why is Hungary a surprise? They were the only country to take Gold medals in Olympiade from the Soviet Union both for men and women. Peter Leko and Zoltan Almasi were World Class for a very long time.

  12. Great content !
    From Azerbaijan with love ❤

  13. 🇮🇳🇮🇳proud of my country's former world champion 2007-2013 Vishy jai hind..india has a lot to offer yet

  14. Armenia is now out of this list probably… after levon's exit

  15. Love from India to all the countries mentioned ❤️

  16. I m from india and I play chess very good….. Although I m 15 year adolescent, chess is quite interesting game and is popular with adults

  17. Happy to know my country is ranked number one in the world for chess.

  18. I'm gonna make a prediction: Nepo will dethrone Magnus this September! If I am wrong,

    Then, I am wrong(period)

  19. Average GMs IMs Total Titled

    1 Russia 2739 256 549 2641

    2 United States of America 2715 101 166 828

    3 China 2705 48 39 181

    4 India 2668 64 114 408

    5 Ukraine 2663 93 209 589

    6 Armenia 2652 44 29 132

    7 Azerbaijan 2652 26 32 159

    8 Hungary 2644 58 120 497

    9 France 2638 50 118 465

    10 Poland 2637 45 109 447

  20. Then there comes a guy who's first name literally translate "power house" and "great" 😂

  21. Seriously…. Look at China names 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


  22. Good Video.. Precise. Liked it. Got yourself a subscriber.

  23. Yea but you gotta admit Russia is alone enough for top 10

  24. Russia is number 1 in competitive programming also with most number of International Grandmasters on codeforces

  25. Azerbaijan and Armenia are very impressive. The former having a population of about 11 million and the latter under 3 million. To put that into perspective, if China or India had the same number of GMs per capita as Azerbaijan, they'd have over 3,000 GMs, or in the case of Armenia, almost 20,000 GMs…

  26. Nobody:
    Me: russian dudes seem to own this game.

  27. that list would be a bit more useful if you set titled player in relation to the total number of citizen in a country.

  28. Magnus vs all the country.

  29. After very short time Andrey Esipenko will in top ten of Russian players…….. (and Dubov in the top). One of them will change Magnus on the TOP, my oppinion.

  30. I am soo proud that chess is originate from india and people from all over the world are respect this🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳♥️♥️

  31. Magnus is like Cristiano Ronaldo no country top 10 world cup football, but he is best player in the world

  32. Before 2650+ has been considered to be Super GM, now its 2700+ and Elite SGM at 2750+ and that elusive 2800+ Club and 2850+ Club.

  33. Even Levon goes to US now 🤦‍♂️

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