Top 10 Best Chess Players. FIDE Rating 1967-2020. Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov and others

Chess rating worldwide leaders.
World Chess Federation’s ranking stats, according to Elo rating system.
Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov, Fabiano Caruana, Ding Liren, Viswanathan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, Veselin Topalov, and many others best chess players.
FIDE Rating:
From 2000 to present:
From 1967 to present:


  1. Mann, i never knew that the Russians really dominated Chess all the time!!

  2. Everyone just waited for Magnus to steamrole the entire field

  3. crazy thing is when bobby fischer was 150 points rated higher than anyone else, he could win 5 games and lose one and still lose rating

  4. Unrelated, but can someone link me the first song. Been trying to look for it

  5. The rankings with time are interesting. The rankings across all time would also be interesting, but that will be forever speculative.

  6. Is there a correlation between political regimes providing few avenues for personal success, and regional chess dominance?

  7. too many animations. Hard to watch

  8. respect for judit polgar for being the only women to reach top 10

  9. 6:05
    Why garry kosparov suddenly came down without loosing the 2812 rating like others

  10. 7:24 (rank 3)
    Alexander suddenly came down like an eagle
    8:00 (rank 4)
    And then came back like a whale

  11. The best players ever are Garri Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, Bobby Fischer and Mikhail Tal. No question about that.

  12. After 20 years: HIKARU laughing after going to top with the help of just an pineapple t-shirt

  13. Why does Fabiano Caruana have a usa flag?

  14. It's funny that a lot of people think that you can't compare the level of chess proficiency of chess players from different eras. It's in fact very easy. You can just plug in all their documented games and calculate to which degree they played the optimal move – "optimal" as measured by some modern divine elo-rating chess computer like Stockfish 15.

  15. Очень длинная анимация смены и короткая пауза собственно самих результатов. Идея, конечно, хорошая, но смотреть тяжело.

  16. magnus carlsen , pragnanadha & hikaru are beast in 2022. I dont know when you are seeing this video maybe 10 years later

  17. Mother russia lose his kingdom because of IA …. only Grischuk has more than 2750.

  18. Latvia flag is wrong, thats Spain flag!!

  19. Kasparov was the player who informed me existence of a game named chess after his games againts AI Deepblue. But Tal, Fisher and Nezhmetdinov are the players who provided me to love chess.

  20. It took 20 years to beat fischers 2785 rating. He was 2785 and spassky was 2660 at the time. Thts a 125 elo difference

    Kasparov was 2800 at the time of beating it in 1990 and karpov was 2729, thts a 71 elo difference.

    Kasparovs highest rating was in 2000, at a rating of 2850.
    Magnus beat tht rating in 2013 with 2861 elo.

    Thts 13 years.

    Magnus highest rating currently is 2872 in 2020.
    Fabiano is 2822.
    That's a 50 elo difference

  21. so this data shows kasparov needs to calm down.

  22. Its amazing that when Kasparov hit 2800, Karpov was the only one over 2700. So except for Karpov, Kasparov were at least 100 points higher than every other chess player.

  23. İmagine when you top 1 Chess player with difference by 2. just quit from chess omfg ! What a GİGACHAD

  24. That is not Latvia's flag haha (Alexei Shirov)…

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