Tier List: Ranking Every Combo in Chess Rush ft. Warreor!

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  1. Need to redo video cause combos changed again…

  2. My thoughts on this video, is really great
    I have some personal opinions and questions though

    I felt like the 6 hunter combo should’ve been a little higher somewhere around B tier , at least above elf just cause the damage buff is consistent and it can come with kraken and shark along with either 2 or 4 undead or 2 or 4 warlock, there’s lots of synergies
    When I can I usually do try to run 6 hunter 4 undead along with 2 goblin and 2 warlock
    So I felt 6 hunter should’ve been a bit higher

    My question for the 6 assassin 3 elf 2 undead 2 warlock combo
    Which is the 3rd elf?
    I’m assuming the units are
    6 assassins excluding bionic assassin + misfortune + void doom + shark/kraken
    But I can’t think of the what should be the 3rd elf

  3. Kudos to both you and warreor :3 much appreciate these info

  4. To clarify the exact units in assassin build we mentioned:

    6 assassin (all but ninja is ideal), Misfortune and Void:Doom, Nightingale and 1 flex spot that should be a legendary or big cc unit.

    Optimal examples for that 10th spot: JOEY, Shark, Apocalypse, Kracken, and General. Starhorn can be a great flex as well, especially against human/sorc comps.

    Joey may seem like an odd choice, but is actually incredible in this build and really helps give it that last bit of AoE burst. One of only units who’s Ult does physical damage, which is amazing with Undead synergy.

    Imo Joey is the best 10th unit unless something specific is needed to counter current opponent/s.

  5. When two of the best players in the world cooperate, you get the best video. Enjoy 😻

  6. Hi Josh blessings from Jamaica from totorelo.

  7. Correction: units CAN still dodge while stunned.

    The interaction works differently then some of the auto chess games which is what confused me.

    Doesn’t change 6 elf tier position tho – still C tier imo

  8. Great video! Really appreciate this type of content. Would love to see a video explaining about which units are example of tanks, CC, and how to utilize them in a comp

  9. Great resource! Are you going to keep this tier list up and update it with patches?

  10. Anyone, help me plz , which combo is good , and any tips play this game ?,

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