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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov provides you with an opportunity to test your chess rating level by challenging you with an interesting chess puzzle. Your task is to evaluate the position, calculate all variations, and find the best moves.

Not only does this exercise helps you to know where your chess level is currently, it also shows you the clear pathway to your chess progress. You will see exactly what skills you need to learn to get to the next level, the level above that, and so on.

Therefore, chess mastery becomes less mysterious to you, and you will know exactly how grandmasters think during a practical game.

► Chapters

00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating
00:50 First step to solving a chess puzzle
01:09 Your Rating Level is 600 IF…
01:40 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…
02:28 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…
02:55 Your Rating Level is 1200 IF…
03:49 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…
05:19 Your Rating Level is 2200 IF…
06:19 Your Rating Level is 2400 IF…
07:47 Your Rating Level is 2570 IF…

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  1. I made all the right moves; but I didn't see everything that was going on, so I don't know how to score myself. Based on this test, I think that on a good day I could play at the 1800 level.

  2. I saw the 1800 solution but I’m 100 rated. I do coach chess and don’t play online often though

  3. 1200, and that fits with my experience with bots. i can mostly beat one about that level, but mostly not beat one at 1500

  4. I haven't really sat back to play chess to find my Elo. My sibling says I'm about 1000-1150. My ability to see tactics is really strong, so I rated 2400 in this puzzle. The bishop block was just a bit above my paygrade.

  5. Saw most moves except didn’t see the knight check sac (opening up the e-file for the rook to check Black’s king). However, once the knight check was revealed I did see the bishop should interpose to shield the king. Wonder what that says about my probably strength/rating? Anyone know?

  6. The problem I have with puzzles like this is… how did the queen get in the corner?? How did you manage to get yourself in this predicament?? So the first thing I have to do is reverse play and see what checkmate if any were past up on for removal of material. I played one game total lost by both sides was 4 peices and I put in place a 12 move checkmate and he had 3 moves that could prevent it from happening and he never saw it coming he spent 30min looking at the board after I said checkmate before admitting I was correct. These puzzles always are bloodbath endings. But anyways according to this video my rating is between 2200 and 2750 cause you never mentioned the white queen taken the black bishop and black queen taken white queen but you mentioned the other two moves that could get the white king out of check.

  7. This is nonsense. I found the “2400 level” moves, but my actual rating and strength is 1800 USCF. I would bump these rating estimates down 400-600 points.

  8. Love the channel and love the videos. I learn alot here and watch all your videos. One question. When trying to solve a puzzle can I set up the puzzle on my chessboard and actually move pieces the way I think to see how it unfolds and then try different lines until I solve the puzzles best moves? Or do I have to do all of it in my head?

  9. Me at 2200 not noticing white is up a rook🥲

  10. Based on this video, looks like I am maybe a 400 rating.
    I've nowhere to go but up 🙂

  11. 1800 according to the puzzle which is exactly my current rating. Awesome stuff

  12. Wow, dead on! I stopped at 1200, which is my rapid rating on a good day. My burning question is how do you learn to visualize the board after all these moves and captures? Is that something you can learn or is that just a gift….

  13. Lol i got a 2570 rating but my actual rating is 2100

  14. According to this, I am about 1200. Now I only need to start playing according to this rating and stop blundering pieces away. 🙂

  15. I failed to notice the rook as extra material, but I had calculated both the attack with the queen and bishop, and counter play sacrificing the knight.. I would estimate my rating to be around 1200-1300, but I don't have an ELO rating.

  16. Here's my take;
    I was thinking about Bd3 at first but then I was like "Wait the king can still move."
    So then I was like Qd4? But then white Qa7 it's a check, so I just kept thinking if Qd4 was good or not because my whole idea after Qd4 is Bd3.
    What do you think?

  17. When you make this kinf of video, you should clearly stated which side is to move

  18. I didn’t see the queen, thought I was up one queen…

  19. My rating acc to this would be 1800
    My chess co rating is 1100 rapid.
    I think the reason is because in puzzles we know that something is in our favour and as mentioned by Michael Coombes,in real games ,many positions are(or atleast seem) dead .

  20. I saw Qxa1 am i 1800?
    I am 1800 blitz in lichess
    1800 in bullet
    2000 in rapid

  21. I started chess playing chess 1 year ago, I started playing online chess some weeks ago and my rating there is 360. But in this puzzle i got 2,200 rating ….how?

  22. I think my rating is 900 because I saw the hanging knight but didn't see the checkmate possible just after that.

  23. 1500-1600 otb and I didn’t calculate the 1800 stuff I immediately calculated the knight check and found the bishop block

  24. I feel like all these rate your chess rating level overestimate the rating you get by around a factor of 2.

  25. 1800-ish. I saw the Queen takes Knight and rejected the Bishop check. I noticed White's Rook advantage, but not the more advanced aspects.

  26. i got 2570 on this puzzle but my FIDE rating is only 1550

  27. Began to play chess in december 2023. In the puzzle i got the rating of 2200. Pretty proud of myself.

  28. at the end so if white plays rook e2 that should save white from check mate- right?

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