THIS is WERIDEST Chess Variant…

In giveaway chess, you have to sac all of your chess pieces. Giveaway chess is the weridest chess variant. If you liked this short, check out the long form video where I ranked the most popular chess variants.

Check out my other shorts, where I play crazy rook sacrifices like gothamchess, and play chess like gm hikaru, the botez sisters, frank-is-here and even magnus carlsen.

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  1. Bruv played d5 and thought he could win.
    B5 as black and e3 as white are the most often used openings

  2. Ok, so now rate it with you actually knowing how to play possibly the simpliest variation that exist. Like, you literally said the one rule at the start and still messed up

  3. You are an idiot it is the best you f?u#

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