This Chess Piece Can’t Move, But Upgrades TWICE! – Ouroboros King

Ouroboros King Part 7 – all hail the mysterious egg. It does nothing to begin with, but upgrade it twice and it becomes an incredibly valuable asset. Love the new chess pieces!
Edited by: Dan White

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  1. Just so you know, Tyler, pawns always have their double-step move in this game, making them actually super useful if you need to rush for a queen!

  2. Dan just want to say you do an amazing job editing

    and to Tyler, we all want infinity mode

    all of us

    no hesitation

  3. Love all the Ouroboros King episodes. It was the reason i subscribed to your channel!

  4. ɯ̷̗̎s̷̃͜ı̸͈̿p̸͇̈́ɹ̶͈̅n̸̹͝s̷̢̈́q̶̜̈́ɐ̸̻́ says:

    infinity mode till you're too op to lose. sounds like fun to me.

  5. 21:37. how did the mirror queen not get erased, it didnt capture anything before the stage ende- does that only apply to if it died??

  6. I remember when I was this video's thumbnail.


  7. 8:10 Or you know instead of moving your Leper you could've just executed a checkmate in one and spared you the next minute (and 1 reset) 😛

  8. That’s inscyption reference could mean a return to the game?!?!?!?!?

  9. I'm trying my best to give chess games on steam a chance, but my mind goes way too fast for it. ADHD is a bitch.

  10. Yooo how cool, i fucking love weirdass chess variations, I've been playing pokemon chess online recently, it's janky as hell but SO much fun!

  11. Seeing mate in one 15 moves before he sees it is so infuriating 😭

  12. How did I only see the facecam at 10 minutes xD

  13. Best series on the channel right now. Love this game but I'm too bad at chess to play it myself

  14. Bro, when you gonna come back to btd battles 1?

  15. infinite mode would be a great video i think, because these videos are short and infinity mode would be great.

  16. Dont do infinity mode, no tangible goal makes the game tedious. Make themed runes, that's always fun as an extra challenge or just content.

  17. Infinity for sure my guy. This games kinda awesome

  18. Pawns are fun! When you get a pawn you can get the relic that makes pawns immortal. Then you upgrade the pawn to make another pawn. I've had a game with four immortal pawns on the board and it's a very fun build.

  19. power-up that allows you to downgrade a piece because I have no idea what it's called*: Pegasus rider forking your king and best piece from 2 knight jumps away: *pop Huh? Where did my Pegasus rider go?

  20. 5 hour infinity gauntlet……… I'd get so much work done!

  21. i honestly love that the rook bit is still going

  22. Ok this game is actually pretty sick though what the heck. I love it and the bizarre strategies you can come up with all the different pieces

  23. I love how you keep using the same "rook" clip

  24. world record for most missed mates in 1

  25. the strongest piece is the Pegasus Rider with
    – Spicy Carrot (Knights and Pegasus Riders have an extra move after killing a unit, including boulders and bombs as you've just witnessed)
    – Royal Seal (all your pieces move also like a king)
    – Shovel (Place a boulder at the start of the battle)
    – Wrecking Ball (can destroy boulders)
    – Marching Boots (first turn you can use two pieces)
    You start the fight by placing a boulder somewhere your Pegasus Rider can hit, use any of your pieces to set off their Spiked Shield by capturing something (if you can), then with your Pegasus Rider you hit the boulder you've placed previously, and you're most probably in range (unless you've done something wrong, but this is a chess game, you should know how to plan ahead). I'm currently on Infinity mode – 173, my difficulty was 7. Not a single game my enemy got to move a piece.

  26. Why not move the catapult in front of the bishop and king to force a win?

  27. The glass queen doesn't die if turned into a leper. It will only die if the leper she turned into gets killed.

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