The Main Way to Improve Your Chess Game, No Matter Your Rating

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  1. Title should read: Do you even know how to chess, bro?

  2. The only surefire way to get good at chess I know is to lose games. I'm pretty sure the less you lose the harder it is to improve.

  3. So how do I get better at Chess then?

  4. Love this guy. So wise. I've followed a good amount of this advice after going through some struggles. I'm now doing very well both at Chess and in life. You're like a Buddha.

  5. Ben's dry sense of humor really gets me lol

  6. Good advice lol i feel for anyone who has a hard time understanding sarcasm. In terms of asking for advice I'd just like to add a bit I read somewhere – Ask for advice from people who are where you want to be.

    Yea it's nice to ask close family and friends but if they have never done the thing you want to do, they're going to be limited in the amount of help they can give. Their advice shouldn't necessarily be disregarded though, I think it's always good to have multiple perspectives. Just keep in mind which ones actually apply to you and your life. And always be honest with yourself.

  7. Overdoing anything is no good. Continuously asking for advice and not acting is certainly useless. Not asking anybody for any advice might not be that smart either. However, asking for advice, understanding and evaluating the advice and then acting then reevaluating, maybe asking for more advice from a different person then adjusting and moving on might not be such a bad idea. As for life choices, yes, anyone can do anything and make his own choices. That doesn't mean all choices are equal.

  8. Good advice. My rating is currently about 750. But implementing this, I hope to earn my grandmaster title by this date next year.

  9. Yes, to all the young people out there. I agree with Ben. Don't seek validation. Just play and care about your game to yourself.

  10. The question is basically, “How do I skip the phase where you have to grind out not just wins, but losses in Chess?” And obviously, anyone who knows how to improve at something properly, will tell you that there is no other way. There are no true shortcuts. That phase is essential. And the next steps will be obvious when you’ve played enough or worked long enough on something.

  11. Just "doing" doesn't mean you're going to get better either. You have to understand if what you're doing is good. I've seen players make the same blunder in the opening repeatedly. They never learn from their mistakes. Anyhow, it's obvious the way you get better at anything is understanding what you're doing is good practice. For example, you may be able to shoot accurately a basketball from your chest, but shooting from the chest is predictable and easily blocked. What's the lesson one has learned here? Learn to do a proper jump shot for instance. So all of you who want to get better at chess just improve incrementally in any stage of chess. If you're poor in the opening, analyze your games and understand how your opponent got the better position for instance and little by little you'll gain understanding as to how you could get better at equalizing or whatever goal it is that you have in a given position.

  12. Gotta learn from the masters though studying good chess can help you get better

  13. No disrespect but if you’re a beginner trying to learn something, go to another video

  14. It's a bit sad seeing Ben getting old and stupid.

  15. The purpose of asking questions is to learn how to perceive their own experience. Ben grew up in a chess family so there's so much experience there to pull from that he's forgetting about.

  16. this video was so pointless. I want my 5 minutes back. Not helpful in any way.

  17. "People don't do stuff, they just talk about it." Pure truth!

  18. That's not true. You cannot get better at chess by just playing games. You need to study more than you play

  19. Came here to improve chess skills. Left with an improved life. 🙏

  20. gdamn ben, thanks for this insightful food for thought..

  21. Love a direct message and delivery!! This is how I am.

  22. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus you have some nice ideas but Jesus is King

  23. I want to know the chess move that is "42"!!!

  24. so be like a donkey, hard work things will improve.

  25. very true. if you look at neural networks, they are modeled in a way vaguely representative of how our brain neurons work, and they are told "here are the rules, now practice, and each time you succeed you will be rewarded" same principle applies to people. the only difference is a computer can do this millions of times in an hour with perfect memory retention and no emotions to get in the way, but your opponents likely aren't doing this millions of times in an hour with perfect memory retention and no emotions to get in the way, so just practice and have fun 😊

  26. As a young man in college, during finals season, I appreciate this lesson

  27. You know, old wiggly lips actually made a lot of great points here.

  28. 😂😂😂This is hilarious! Saw this video and subscribed to your channel instantly!

  29. Bro can play chess but as a speaker is soooooooo repetitive. Just shows that we are talented in different ways and can be a genius in one field and a moron in another

  30. In other words if you want to get good at chess don’t watch this guys videos just play chess

  31. So you didn't address the only main question – how do I get better at chess? Pity this video was thus a waste of time.

  32. I lost 50 pounds in 9 months. The secret is: count your calories.

  33. So you're saying the best way to get good at chess is to get high and play chess? Got it…

  34. don't let perfect be the enemy of good

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