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The lower chest line is something that many guys struggle to develop. In this video, I’m going to show you how to get defined lower pecs by hitting the bottom most portion of your pec muscles with the right exercise selection. In fact, I’m breaking out 8 exercises that will help you to hit your lower chest more effectively than ever before.

I start by showing you the classic decline bench press and explain why this exercise is a little better at developing your lower pecs than the flat or incline variation. It all has to do with the position of your arms in relation to your torso when doing the movement. You will see that when you sit up after finishing a set of decline bench press that your arms are not angled perpendicular to your body but downward.

The anatomy of the chest explains why this is the preferred angle for attacking the bottom of your chest. The pectoralis major is broken up into two main sections (the clavicular or upper and the sternal or lower). In the sternal area of your chest however you have an additional head of the pecs called the abdominal head. This is the lowermost portion of the pecs and angle from bottom to top heading towards your humerus.

If you follow the fibers and train in the same plane as these lower chest fibers then you will more effectively allow them to be activated and recruited during your chest exercises. Knowing this, we can select chest movements that are better able to hit this lower chest than what you might currently be doing. If your chest workouts consist of simply dips or decline bench press to hit your lower pecs or worse, you avoid these exercises all together, then you are going to benefit from trying some of these out.

First we revisit the classic dip exercise (which is again a great way to hit the lower chest) and make it even better by including a plus push at the end of every rep. This extra scapular protraction allows you to hit the serratus anterior muscle as well, which ties in perfectly with the function of the chest and helps to stablize your shoulder during the exercise as well.

Next we can do a straight bar dip to hit the bottom pecs. Because you have to angle your entire body more forward during this exercise to keep yourself balanced over the bar, you automatically wind up placing your arms in the proper position to effectively target the lower chest more. The additional internal rotation of the arms during the exercise helps to get a better contraction on the chest at the top of every rep.

From here, you can get more adduction into the exercises you are doing for your lower chest by performing either the D2 flexion pattern with a band or the kneeling x crossovers. Both of these allow you to train with either one arm at a time or both and help you to build a better mind muscle connection with the working muscles. This carries over to help you get better muscle development and a defined lower chest in the long run.

There are many other exercises that I show for getting a sculpted lower chest including some home options that don’t require any equipment at all. The bottom line is, if you want to work the bottom of your chest and want to get rid of flat or saggy pecs then you have to start selecting the right exercises for this area. Here I have shown you 8 exercises but you don’t have to do them all. Pick a couple and add them to your chest training and you will see a difference in no time.

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    Well this guy trained the 300 spartans.

  2. Jeff needs stronger coffee, to keep up with his dragster speed talk…lol. Go Jeff Go.

  3. Thanks. I want to these with resistance bands at home.

  4. As usual scientific anatomical and amazing

  5. Dude you rock great easy to follow training tips

  6. 11:20 I like to switch my cross overs to try to max it out (right hand over left, next left hand over right, etc). Great advice in this video.

  7. I went to the gym to try the cable sets and it wasn't egaging my lower chest. I re-watched this video and realised I was standing in the wrong position. You need to face away from the cable pulley right?

  8. I feel like jeffe here is the only guy who deserves my subscription.

  9. Watched this video 2 years before and now I have a nicely developed lower chest. You don't know what kind of depression I was going through with that saggy front facing lower chest and nipples that kinda gave me the feeling of man boobs.
    But with the patience of 2 years and hard work, now I almost resemble Jeff's lower chest.
    But I still love to have one magical wish that could grant me Jeff like physic whole year-round.😁😁😂😂.
    But that's never going to happen and I'm gonna have to do it the hard and long way of years of consistency.
    Yet still, I thank the GOD and Jeff and other coaches on Youtube like Doc. Greg Doucette. These people's content and the information they imparted have helped me go from a 28% body fat obese kid to a 14% percent body fat and considerably jacked body.
    Thanks to all of you. I hope to be consistent and reach my ultimate goal of 10% body fat. Maybe then I can have ripped abs like Jeff🤣.

  10. Not been able to workout for over a year. I started to forget stuff. Glad I've watched this video, it's helped me to get the bug for it again.

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  15. Excellent video! Awesome exercises – I loved the last one on the bench. Thank you!

  16. He gets a decent amount of hate from a lot of the other fitness guys because when you pump out as much content as Jeff, and take small clips from different videos and use them out of context, you can find contradictions. But he really does know what he’s talking about. He is incredibly creative and extremely proficient at explaining/teaching. Good on you Jeff – great work soldier. 💪🏼

  17. I think with this Video and Advise you have been extremely helpful and not selfish. You have educated me and i believe many others with real Awesome help. I dont know how to thank you enough but i am sure to spread the word around to look up to your video among my freinds. AWESOME VIDEO!

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  20. This is a wonderful explanation of following the fibers. I am an old [69] man and I work with a Bowflex at home as I feel it is safer than working with free weights when by myself. I will change my chest workout to follow your advice. I would also like to see this same idea expressed for the back. Thank you!

  21. That's great advice but you can get a lower chest workout that targets the lower chest with just one exercise and no equipment. It's far easier and in my opinion gets you faster results. I discovered it last week and am already getting results. I could tell you but instead I'll give you something more important, info. If you put your hand on the muscle you want to make bigger and move until you feel that muscle reach full contraction you can determine which movement isolates that specific muscle and adjust your workouts accordingly to target that muscle. If that muscle isn't the most sore muscle after your exercises you're not isolating it correctly, if it is then congratulations you did it correctly. For lower chest it would be a dip like movement, cables Or incline bench movement normally. But there's another exercise you already do that works better, only you need to modify your technique. If I have to tell you than you're not ready for it because it means you can't feel your muscle isolation or do these types of pushups anyway.

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  23. My one chest is smaller ( lower chest) almost do not have muscle over there and no proper shape due to gynaecomastia surgery .so what can I do to make it better

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