The Highest Chess Rating EVER

Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Fabiano Caruana, Levon Aronian, and Veselin Topalov: The 5 Highest Ratings Of All Time

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Magnus Carlsen – 2889
6:48 Kasparov – 2856
12:04 Caruana – 2851
19:15 Aronian – 2835
24:07 Topalov – 2826

Photo by Lennart Ootes:

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  1. Its official, Hikaru is the end game boss of chess, you beat him in champs you break records lol.

  2. Levy's chess history commentary is something else. It is quite contrasting to his recap commentary and that makes both of them very fascinating to me.

  3. iirc the format was for classic chess with standard /long time controls? What was the highest rating achieved for Fischer random?

  4. Cool idea, enjoyed it. 2 other ideas: Biggest blunders in super GM chess. Biggest upsets (like the lowest rated players to beat 2700+ rated players).

  5. and how about you? be a youtuber teaching all the chess but the ranking?

  6. Just remnding everyone that Hikaru doesn't care that three of the highest peak ratings of all day were achieved by playing against him

  7. I'm new to your channel and want to say I love your content. I feel as if I learned more about chess here than anywhere else. Thank you.

  8. How about the opposite of this? Lowest chess ratings of all time! 😉 sounds like hysterical content!

  9. damn hikaru steady handing out highest ratings left and right

  10. I would like to c u commenting a football match, City-Real or so 👍👍

  11. Hikaru is such a nice guy by making their opponents get their highest rating ever

  12. Man hikaru is really out here dropping the spaghetti and handing out highest ratings

  13. Idea for similar video: top 5 most lucrative games played (prizepools)

  14. The whole chess community now : wooo we made it

  15. Day 256 of translating Levy’s titles into Italian: „Magnus Carlsen: il punteggio più alto di sempre!“

  16. There are 18 players within 115 point rating of Carlsen…these chess ratings are inflated ridiculous..when Fischer was at his best, he was higher by 120 points OF THE NEXT HIGHEST RANKED PLAYER… until some mathematics professional figures out these actual rankings relative to time and computers and inflated number, Fischer will still remain the highest ranked GM relative to the competition EVER ..there are ten people who could conceivably beat Carlsen.. there was maybe 2 players at the time who could conceivably beat Fischer…plus the game is so bad as Fischer posited because of the theory everyone just a game of Fischer Random, Fischer would beat Carlsen 10 out of 10 times

  17. 26:27 I was like "what is the stupidest and weirdest looking move in this position? g5 maybe?" and it actually gets played

  18. Hikaru has helped everyone get their highestr ratings or rankings I swear.

  19. So Hikaru is basically the final boss you have to beat to get a highest rating.

  20. I thought the highest rating is more than 2900

  21. One point to note about Levy’s videos: Whichever side Levy’s board is on, is the side which won.

  22. You are actually wrong his highest rating is 2882. Are you even a fan???

  23. This was excellent. Great commentary. Thank you!

  24. I think you did a disservice by going from 1 to 5 i thought it should have been from 5 to 1 at least to build up hype.

  25. Had, then a few days ago: 1873, after final:1850.

  26. Youre 2772 but anatoly karpov peaked at 2780, shows that elo is getting inflated as time goes on

  27. Hikaru is the final boss of chess, if you beat him you appear in the hall of fame.

  28. Can he do it on a rainy Tuesday night at Stoke tho?

  29. Old video, but I had a random chess thought that belongs here for relevance. I think that 2900 will be broken sooner than usually predicted. Reason? Mobile and miniature devices. I realized that older desktop-style screens are designed to keep everything in view, with taskbars, etc. But smaller devices force you to develop visualization skills, if you want to efficiently handle any complex procedure on a small device. The generation growing up fluent in these devices might get enough bump in visualization skills to surprise us, or at the least the world might find it easier to spot grandmother talent over time bc of the Internet anyway. Also – thanks for the great vids, Mr. Levy.

  30. You can't reliably compare players from different eras.

  31. Today modern gms rating just fake, 2800 now play like 2700. Hikaru 2800+,but we all know karpov 2700+ much much better

  32. Today modern gms rating just fake, 2800 now play like 2700. Hikaru 2800+,but we all know karpov 2700+ much much better

  33. 8:46 “you bought a nice house, and you built it.” Most inspiring quotes of 2022

  34. Alternate title Hikaru getting farmed by GigaGMs for world records

  35. hikaru giving everybody their highest score

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