The Feeling of Beating the World Chess Champion

Andrey Esipenko, an 18-year-old chess player beat Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion in his first opportunity. The game was played in Round 8 of Tata Steel 2021. Check out Esipenko’s reaction!

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  1. Magnus the bad sport! … He could’ve at least humbled himself and shook the kids hand before storming off in defeat 😠🤝🥳

  2. He thought he was as good as Magnus for a few days. Cudos.

  3. I downloaded the "Play Magnus" app years ago. Beat him in the first game.
    Never opened it since, want to hold on to that perfect score..

  4. he's happy that he can finally take out the anal beads lol

  5. Esipenko after the match:
    "Chess speak for itself!"

    -perhaps in other mutiverse though

  6. I can only imagine how carlsen feels after losing, the way its hyped and all

  7. That's what magnus does when the opponent didn't cheat

  8. How I felt when I beat that final Valkerie in God of War

  9. Once I played with Magnus, I sac the board he then resign

  10. Meanwhile Hans: "My chess speaks for itself"

  11. no need to get up from that table too soon andrey
    I'd have a boner, too

  12. Great but for the revenge, he lose lol

  13. It makes it more fun when one person don't win every time. Well played by Andrey.

  14. Magnus has always been a crybaby, and cannot stand when he loses. Bad sport.

  15. I wish neimman had the same expression 😂😂

  16. Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu also beat madnu scarlsen

  17. This kid is exhausted and beat after the match despite winning, and Magnus walks away seemingly without breaking a sweat. I guess that's what the world champion will do to you even if you manage to beat him.

  18. Wow, I'm suprised he didn't get accused of cheating.

  19. Historic, brother. Historical is something that belongs to a time period. Historic is an important event.

  20. That feeling of beating your dad for the first time!!!

  21. I didn't know which is which and I first thought he's the one that lost, looking at his expressions

  22. Certainly a better reaction than Niemann! Congrats

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