the EASIEST way to gain chess rating

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  1. Honey I gotta get my chess rating up you know the drill

  2. I guess i need to get pregnant then…

  3. Alex, have you been drinking??? The face, Alex.

  4. I could reach 3000 withbjust a couple of abortions2

  5. I like how it punishes you for being a pussy.

  6. I don’t know why I thought they were doing a campaign for abortion or tmth

  7. She started her move then it got abortion so it's like that person resigned but if U didn't play a move and it abortions then U get nothing

  8. Senator Collins lost all her rating points from ignorance of this phenomenon

  9. hide my face! "thats hot" dont sue me paris

  10. “I didn’t know you could get rating off abortion”
    “Guys new strat, get me preg-“

  11. Bro did you know that you can gain Rating on abortion

  12. if i see someone playing this crap opening in bullet i surrender principal

  13. is that why there are female millionares and billionares?

  14. doesn’t that happen when someone’s higher elo than u

  15. one more woman in favour of abortion😂😊

  16. Technically the Easiest way to win OTB FIDE or CF rating is the refusal of shaking your opponent hand before the match starts prior to move 1 it's an instant forfeit.

  17. When people abort too much they will lose rating if they continue to do it

  18. This makes lichess look better, no aborts gains you rating. Wth

  19. Sometimes when I win it says game aborted
    It only once happened when I lost and happened 10 times when I won
    And it's not like I did jot checkmate him I did but instead of showing you won it says aborted

    Bad luck I guess

  20. Samay Raina would be a GM thay way.☠️

  21. I’m pretty sure the right word is “aborting” not abortion 😭 she went to Stanford university and still doesn’t know the difference.

  22. Just abort all your babies for rating

    Ehem.. who said that?

  23. It wasn't aborted it was abandoned that's why she gained rating

  24. And that was the moment the best player started

  25. It happens if you have already aported a couple games before that

  26. Her bullet is 2473? No wonder her eyes look like she's on a halcyon and lithium drip

  27. Does that mean I can get more power in rise of kingdoms if I abort my child

  28. Now it is pretty obvious why Polish players got such a low elo.

  29. Baby, looks like it's time to have 100000000 kids 💀

  30. Человек-невидимка за работой

  31. You can get penalised if you abort too many times, its what happened to me

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