The Difference Between a Grandmaster and a Chess Master

What’s the difference in thinking process between a chess master and a grandmaster? Alexandra and Daniel will analyze the same positions and share their assessments. Drop a like and let us know in the comments if you had the similar ideas!
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  1. Someone asked a question in chat (why is x play bad) and they actually took 45 seconds to run through the line and explain the ways it would play out and why it doesn't work before going back to their conversation. That's incredible, honestly shows that she really cares about her chat.

  2. Still waiting on the 200 games to see if you can take a game off Danya.

  3. On the last puzzle what's wrong with knight D4 queen E2 bishop B4

  4. you re NOT a chess master……you re not even rated 2100. Masters are rated 2300+. Shameful.

  5. ive watched enough danya videos to actually have spotted the type 2 undefended queen. great teacher (still wouldve gone D7 though)

  6. Its like usain bolt vs the fastest college runner…its.not the same.level

  7. La diferencia estriba principalmente en la noñez de cada uno. El de más nivel obviamente es el más ñoño de todos.Esa es la diferencia.

  8. My first initial instinct was Bxh2 Kxh2 but then I realized that the King doesn’t have to take back even though almost all players would without thinking if the time was getting low. From there I’d slide the Qh5+, Kg1, Qd1+. From here the King could dodge back or white could block with bishop or queen. Bishop is losing because you just take the Queen so Qf1 is white’s only other response. Don’t trade or it’s likely a draw after King takes your Queen then Nxd4 although this is likely favorable enough to win given low time again. Instead Qxd2 and all of a sudden you’ve got white forced to defend while you clean up the pawns, eventually promoting a pawn and winning the game. If King dodges then Qxa4. Defending your knight and evening the original pawn deficit. It all depends on time though and is reliant on King taking the bishop in the very beginning. Of course if the King doesn’t take the bishop then you win a free pawn. And the situation is back to square one where you could play what they suggested with Qd8.

  9. Why is bishop h6 the next move from white after queen d8?

  10. The only problem is how do i focus on the chess

  11. Well technically danya can beat 100% of players 😂 (I know how percentiles work it’s a joke)

  12. Danya is amazing at puzzles. Those puzzles would have taken me much, much longer. It was cool to see your calculations processes. I really hope this series continues where you can take 10+ minutes. Also Danya picked freaking complex puzzles.

  13. The difference is quite simple really: One is an absolute babe who I can't help but stare at, and the other is a WGM

  14. maybe im a bit confused. isn’t Magnus Carlsen’s elo 2850? how does this guy have an elo of 3100?

  15. É tipo o grande mestre krikor Brasileiro (GM)

  16. A bit dubious calling herself “ A Master “ but whatever.

  17. One hangs the queen a lot and the other is better than you

  18. Do I know anything about chess? No
    Did I enjoy this video? YES
    ( good content over here even if i have no idea whats happening LOL)

  19. I really liked this video of you Alex! I saw this side of you that is so sweet! ❤

  20. I missed where the puzzles are coming from? What's the source? Looks like a fun (and crazy challenging) book

  21. You mean, if the two of you were to go head on, not heads up👍

  22. What about knight to E5? Threatens queen and possibly takes white pawn in next move with queen and queen to back rank for check. All depending on how white moves of course.

  23. Very instructive, many thanks for both of you.

  24. What’s funny is Magnus and Naka are even that much stronger then these 2

  25. If Botez was really 2300 there would have been no Botez gambit hehe.

  26. I wouldnt call my self a chess master even if I have +2200 ratings on multiple platforms. You have to have an elo of 2200 or a national rating of 2200 (if it compares to elo and isnt inflated) to do that.

  27. when you are going to add subtitles in Spanish there are 50 million people who want to understand what you say

  28. This is very instructive content, would love to see more of this. Great video 😀

  29. “what else could I be missing in this position? A lot of times when we miss tactics it’s because within the first few seconds we convince ourselves the move has to exploit certain (obvious) features of the position” love this quote by Danya

  30. This was a lot of fun to watch! I hope you'll do more videos like this.

  31. Lots of GM's now would only be Masters 40 or so years ago. Ratings inflation has watered down the GM class immensely..

  32. Of course, grandmasters don't destroy monitors when they lose… 😀

  33. It's that freaky combination of calculation and intuition.

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