The Difference Between a Grandmaster and a Chess Master

What’s the difference in thinking process between a chess master and a grandmaster? Alexandra and Daniel will analyze the same positions and share their assessments. Drop a like and let us know in the comments if you had the similar ideas!
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  1. Yesterday I glued my face to the fridge. Do you think I can be in the 0,1% category?.. ☹️

  2. hey Alex, just saw you on John Oliver's show (v=o7zazuy_UfI, 6:28)

  3. Your thinking too much!!! Take it one step at a time!!!

  4. I'm pretty sure 99.9% is a bit of a low estimate lol.

  5. Thank you for the video!
    This was so much educational!
    Please, consider making more videos like this one!! ♥

  6. Position 5 : I would have moved my bishop to f4 to work on getting my queen to the back row but I am a 700 ELO. I do 2 seconds of thinking and hope it works 🙂

  7. 10:53, after queen takes bishop takes, bank rank mate from the queen correct? You take the bishop after check, then the queen and then the night with #?

  8. Calling yourself a Chess Master is a bold statement.

  9. 15:10 Its interesting how none of you mentioned bishop b4,if bishop takes bishop,we take back,and there is the backrank idea,if bishop b4,knight takes knight,we take the bishop,they take back with queen,then i think you can give up the h pawn with check to threaten the backrank idea again,but if bishop b4,h3,and then if we trade off bishop,knight and queen too,we are down a pawn,but the black king has a one move advantage to go out in the open,in fact we can bring the king out two ways,in fact after bishop b4,h3,i would consider a kingwalk up the board also

  10. it actually took me 30 secs to find the basic concept of the 2nd puzzle, however i thought it was Qd7 and not Qd8 because of Ne6 but then i realized that Ne6 doesn't work(1400 elo)

  11. What is the starting rating of a chess master ?

  12. Who wants to watch boring grandmasters play excellent chess in a world championship, as we had when Fabiano played Magnus, when instead, you can watch a couple of clowns have these blunderfests and be entertained by guessing who will make the dumbest moves? 🙄 Ding or Nepo? who is the king clown?

  13. Hey Botez love your twitch streams, telling you on here cause it’s easier then telling you on stream

  14. 2100 elo players win 3000 players sometime they all do 99 % best moves and if 1700 use engine he draw ivanchuk on stream that means 1700 elo beat 3000 plus players ❤

  15. The real difference between a GM and lesser titles, is that lesser person can do more real life tasks, such as Putting a shelf up, change a fuse, plant a flower where as a GM studies for hours and has to make a future with chess. All very impressive tho

  16. my 400 elo brain trying to understand what they're saying

  17. I know that trading when you're down material isn't good, but I'd start with
    … Kn x d4
    … Qg6
    … Bc5
    … Qf5
    I'm no master, but this looks winning to me.

  18. Why aren't these two married by now? I mean to each other.

  19. 13:32 what about knight b3 then maybe retreat and push bishop

  20. Puzzle at 9:11, why not Bf4 ? The back rank mate threat prevents white capturing giving black tactical options.

  21. Nice of Botez to round up her score and round down his hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  22. This was informative. Good content.

  23. chess master in the women department? Or how does this work

  24. I was looking at lip stick throughout the video🙄

  25. 9:08 at my level this is an easy puzzle. I would win 9/10 times Just move the bishop to b4, white takes with the bishop, I take with the a pawn, he thinks he has a free knight, then I backrank checkmate. Bing, bang, boom – POW, as a wise chess player once said.

  26. More like chess patzer vs chess grandmaster

  27. We need a Pia cramling vs alex botez video

  28. Very different level of difficulty in puzzles. First puzzle is for superhumans. No ideas in 30 min. Qd8 in second puzzle is trivial and took me (somewhere around 1600) a minute to find.

  29. No disrespect Alex, but your FIDE rating is 1988. That is far from master. It's not even Expert.

  30. That’s the problem with puzzles. There’s tons of solutions but you’re graded on one

  31. The conversation about puzzles reminded me of my math classes in college. If the question asked us to prove something, we at least knew it was true. The trickiest questions were the ones where they asked us to “prove or disprove.”

  32. 6:41 Why would white king move to the corner instead of just taking the undefended rook ?

  33. Wow, that demonstration of the gap was crazy!

  34. Danya has amazing patience waiting for mortals to come around.

  35. Ok then, explain the difference between Grandmommy and Chess Mommy

  36. You are not master, you are a 1st grade. CM plays much more stronger, of course. You definitely don’t understand almost anything. It’s a pity. You need to master your chess basis.

  37. Excellent video and two beautiful people

  38. No way you can beat 99% lol there are a lot of good chess player online nowadays.

  39. Female titles are dumb. The male equivalent of the Woman FIDE Master (2100 rating) is…nothing. Males don't get to be called 'Masters' until they achieve the minimum of 2200 rating for the FIDE Candidate Master (CM), the lowest Master rank. While female players get their first Women Master rank at just 2000 rating

  40. In the second puzzle why don't we play bishop b4

  41. Me encanta que ponga subtitulos, así la comunidad hispana, que sabe leer inglés pero no está muy acostumbrado a escucharlo es más entendible y ameno, no sé si lo hace por eso pero i love it. Jaja

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