The Difference Between 1400 and 2200 ELO

My first game against Jonathan from 1 year ago:

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  1. I love how this has been done. informative and classy

  2. How’s this guy 1400 ?
    Format of video is great


  4. Very interesting concept of a video! I might have to try this at the club I'm running at my school

  5. This is so original. I love this. I wish more people would do this video idea

  6. so I have a feeling 1400 is not calculating at all. He is just commentating his ideas.

  7. ChessAmigo is awesome! His reactions are genuinely funny and he actually is pretty good. If he sticks with it, he's going to be a good player. Loved this video

  8. That’s a great format. Please, give us more of it. It also helps that the to main characters are really likeable people. Kudos to you and Jonathan 😊

  9. 1400 was too confident in his "first conclusion" needs to add in more layers: is that conclusion actually valid? what other possibilities are there? I'm sure the 1400 could have seen better moves with more thinking time and less confidence. Over-confidence in the speed of your analysis is the best habit to break in chess imo. Instead of thinking about your moves like it's maths and you have to come up with the RIGHT ANSWER, think of it like writing a sentence in English class, you can always add nuance, re-think, and improve on your sentence, your move, until you run out of ideas. That's ironic because chess is all about logic, but your mid-game plan should look more like art. If you can win games with simple, powerful moves, it means your opponent made mistakes to allow for that; it's a very difficult habit to break, because in low ELO you're winning games, but suddenly you play better players and they won't give you those obvious mistakes to exploit, you'll have to engage in a slow drawn out war for position, and your thinking style needs to be equally slow and precise.

  10. this is SUCH GOOD content… please more of this!!


  12. Interesting, after moving the queen realizing the knight was lost, he thought he had to take back with the knight or hed be losing material, not realizing when he moved to open up the castle that it simultaneously defended the knight. He could have taken with bishop but either didnt see it or didnt see the knight defended.

  13. Great format! I would love some more of this.

  14. Actually I think you should patent this idea.

  15. Pawn moves are some of the hardest to see. As a player sitting somewhere around Jonathan’s rating, I spend a lot of time looking for those bigger moves that I miss the simple ones

  16. I maybe would have beat the 2200, I am only 2000 fide or so, but
    I saw some stuff. Of course I never would have gotten to any of these positions.

  17. The 1400 player intuition is right but he just needs to look at a few moves further

  18. at minute 17:22 wouldnt it be a nice move for black to move the e pawn 2 ahead to attack the bishop? it is triple guarded and would force the white queen to babysit the hanging pawn again

  19. @7:45 I can verify that as a 1400 player myself, when he moved the Queen, he wasn’t aware that the knight was now defended by her.

  20. After watching 15 minutes. I just give up this du**mp game. Nothing to learn here. I wasted my time .

  21. my elo is prolly 1100 idk i dont really play much but i am seeing moves that could be better from both parties such as on 6:20 i think knight f2 would be interesing as king will have to take the knight making is messier for white and on 4:23 black knight takes bishop ,white rook takes black knight..and black bishop to g4 …white will have to save queen and sacrifice rook…i wonder if i am great or am i missing smtg..i havent watched full video yet..i might be mistaken so dont jump at me

  22. damn 1400s are much weaker then i thought. I'd think hes like 1000-1100

  23. I am 1800 player and I am just too lazy to think for too much and for to check the most precision moves. thats the reason I will never reach 2200

  24. i am 1400 also,i can see alot of move them amigo,because i play chess from the 5 years old now i am 32.He play little better than me coz he have proper training and discipline something i don`t have,i just have experience.

  25. I'm glad I found this video my conclusion of the 1400 bot is true in how it plays in a special way that does have a higher level of play even tho it loses ❀😊

  26. the game was already over after losing his knight.

  27. Love this! Which move was the 'brilliant' you made btw?

  28. Seriously how is he a 1,4k. πŸ˜…
    I don't know if Americans get better matchups or what but me playing from Greece I always get Indian opponents which play way better that him.

  29. Playing the pirc or modern at 1400 rapid is such a sadistic choice to make. It gives white Yugoslav attack ideas, which as Fischer said β€œsack sack mate”, is the easiest plan in chess.

  30. At 7:00 best move for black was knight to F2.
    King would have to take it and won't be able to castle anymore.

  31. Show 1400 thoughts first then yours please

  32. Best chest commentator on the web

  33. This was a great exercise. I would definitely watch more content like this.

  34. Strong players cumulatively have both better offence and defence.

  35. Do lots more of these. What a terrific learning tool. Kudos

  36. Cool concept. It would be even better if you had a GM commenting the moves

  37. That pawn miss click almost get brilliant in how it turned out for him. πŸ˜‚

  38. This needs to be a regular thing! I'd even like the live stream details and become a subscriber.

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