The Difference Between 1400 and 2200 ELO

My first game against Jonathan from 1 year ago:

Jonathan’s Channel:

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  1. Didn’t he miss a queen fork using the rook (d7) at around 22:40? I’m not rated or anything, but that popped out to me.

  2. i'm sorry i refuse to believe that 1400s miss that fork…

  3. Should have a convo with the guy after and go over the game abit!

  4. That was such a good content, please make a series like this

  5. At first I mixed up who was the NM and who was the 1400 and I was VERY confused because the 1400 seemed to have a way more coherent and detailed understanding of the position.

    But yeah, great video. I think this is a great approach for coaches to use in training. Have your student record their thought process live during the game, do the same, then analyze & compare together after.

  6. I'm confused how Amigo's rapid rating is 1426, but his blitz is 797 and bullet 244. Maybe he doesn't have a mouse lol

  7. Why can I only hear the 1400 elo dude with my left ear πŸ˜‚

  8. Best stuff ive seen on all the chess channels in a long time, unsubscribed from all the chess channels even yours, but have resubscribed

  9. This is great content! This was super helpful and entertaining. Props to your Opponent for playing very resilient. I would love to see more of this.

  10. More videos like this,that was so interesting,original and helpful ❀❀

  11. Must be disheartening relying on someone else recording and he's too much of a moron to do it correctly. Unwatchable I'm afraid.

  12. Nice perspectives.
    14:40 Being rated closer to the 1400 player, I’d have moved the queen into this fork before the rook.

  13. I expected to hear Gotham 'ME SEE PIECE! ME TAKE!'

  14. Man these ones are pretty good! Im so happy to have found your channel, it really shows a lot of the technique behind chess. Thanks for your work! πŸ™

  15. Yeah sadly this video loses all educational value after the 1400 hangs his knight. Better to restart than dunk on someone for 20 minutes lol.

  16. 7:10 Knight E3? Attacking the queen? Later could be protected with other knight

  17. Jonathan actually sees a lot of attacking opportunities, which is impressive. Like Nelson said, it was close but Jonathan's early blunder is what caused the big problem for him, blundering is more common in up to the 1600s in ELO. The 2000 plus in ELO make less blunders. Also, it is clear to see to me that Nelson had more tactical awareness and he had better calculation, so that gave him an advantage. But both Jonathan and Nelson missed things, which surprised me…especially for a great player like Nelson. For example, Jonathan noticed that the queen attack by Nelson would mean that a pawn was in trouble, but Nelson never mentioned it…small things like that. But then again, Nelson realized that taking the pawn on the far right would mean that his bishop would get trapped (a mistake that Bobby Fischer once did in his world championship match with Boris Spassky) yet Jonathan didn't realize that taking that if Nelson's bishop attacked that pawn then Nelson's bishop would get trapped. I admit that I didn't see the trap either. And Nelson admits that he didn't see the rook pin but Jonathan saw it, so it was closer in chess thinking than I thought it would be and it was very interesting. Well played to you both, that was a very interesting and good game.

  18. It is great to see him anticipating and doing moves that were not expected. Usually you have the feeling that 2,200 do see everything, but they clearly don't.
    Other big take-away: anticipating with 3+ moves vs direct game.

  19. 6:58 What about a fun move like gNf2. Puts pressure on the queen. Has to recapture with the king and can no longer castle.

  20. It was entertaining watching Jonathan sweat πŸ˜…

  21. Are you making a series like this? I think it's really insightful to show both sides of thought. Perhaps you just figured this out yourself.. either way , more please boss. ((make sure your opponent can produce decent sound :P))

  22. Extremely useful to see somebody make the mistakes I could make. Please more of this!

  23. Loving this different ratings format πŸ‘πŸ». Insightful.

  24. I’m seeing the difference between the 2 is that a 2400 looks at 5+ moves per turn and also develops lanes and angles. As where the 1400 only does an average of 2

  25. There's no audio from Jonathon. How can anyone like this or even comment on it??

  26. Seeing boths thought process was a great idea. Please do more of this 🧠

  27. The difference is the camera setup and equipment.

  28. Great format and very instructive to see the difference in attention to looking for all moves and checking there are no tactics, etc. It’s one thing to hear about it, but witnessing it in this context makes it more real for some reason.

  29. That tactic with the rook on the 15th min was something.

  30. This was a VERY INTERESTING video! I totally loved it. I hope you do more of this kind

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