The Deal With Chess Rating Systems #chess #shorts

The modern chess rating landscape is a little confusing, let GM Jesse Kraai help you understand!

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  1. Ill readily admit(with great effort) I care about my rating, but if thats all I fixate on Ill get distracted. I just accept my own brand of patience and diligence as better than nothing. Maybe Im not min maxing and doing my best, but thats to say whats important to me that Im not gonna quit.

  2. It gets to a point where ratings are nothing more than dick-waving. Nowadays I mostly care about the number of endgames I solve in a week.

  3. Too much is made of the ratings. Much better to practice with concrete goals.

  4. I wouldn’t call lichess ratings inflated, they’re just based on a different system, like temperature in fahrenheit and celsius

  5. USCF must've deflated by 120 points or so since my last tournament 5 years ago. I entered one this summer and got smoked by a bunch of little kids! My area likely has especially high local deflation since there's a lot of immigrant kids.

  6. I disagree the ratings are higher online because it's 100s of times more people to play more opportunities to play outside of a small group of the same tournament players in your neighborhood chess club I think the system needs to be completely redesigned and rethought

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