The Chess Rating System Explained in Bro Terms

An explanation of the chess rating system and title hierarchy, done the only way I know how.


  1. Magnus Carlsen be like: Yeah, that's pretty much me

  2. This was really good, i always played casual chess but now im trying to take it more serious and this helped me understand the rating sistem way better.

  3. Your presentation was not very good and you should have had on a shirt. Your info may be accurate but it was hard to take you seriously.

  4. I was thinking that a photo of Bobby fisher was going to pop up as the best in the world lol

  5. I'm pissing myself laughing throughout the whole video

  6. 225 = 1600, 315 = 2000 is the most true thing I've ever heard

  7. Great video, explained in very manly terms. I wonder if you can get a gruesome injury while playing chess?

  8. I'm dumb at chess, and I'm too lazy for gyms, but i get it now.

  9. Can't believe this simple, straight to the point, izi to understand video has only a couple thousands of views!

  10. my fide is 1600 and bench 225 so accurate hahah

  11. Nice vid bro. I'm at 235 bench and 1500 elo, so working on the chess side more now lol

  12. Good stuff lol! Was waiting for a using a super engine to train as the equivalent to going to the untested federation but super funny

  13. I came here for bro terms explained with chess ratings

  14. Yo wtf ??!!?? The pic of the gym… I've actually been there. Trippy

  15. The chess rating system finally makes sense to me.

  16. Accidentally discovered my new favorite chess YouTuber

  17. My next step is bench master, can’t say the same for my chess rating haha

  18. “he’s not giving up that title without a big fight”

    well that didn’t age well

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