Stuck at the Same Chess Rating? Try This

Stuck at the Same Chess Rating? Try This

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  1. Make more of these man! too much fun in watching! ❤❤❤

  2. Hum bhi manenge mangesh kalicharan. Thanks sahil bhai! 😛 😛

  3. Hilarious… Principal of 2 weakness direct bhi samza sakte the aap… Itna sab kand kyo??

  4. What if we sleep with rating not the same but decreased?

  5. Very nice video great learning pls make a video on opening also

  6. Bhai 4 mahine se 1500-1550 pe hu sala dukh khatam hi nahi hota

  7. Aapka bowling action No Ball mana jayega..elbow bend ho raha very nice and entertaining video.

  8. You earned a like and a sub for that awesome dragon ball kamehameha reference

  9. Wow I've been looking for a chess educated YouTuber for a while! I think u do it really well 🙂

  10. In other areas of life, two things i have found help a platuae are 1. Take a decent break. A few weeks at least. 2. Cross train, learn something new that might give you crossover skills.
    Funny video well edited.

  11. Maybe try posting puzzles in community tab

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