Standings Results Tata Steel Masters 2023 (Round 12) – Carlsen, Abdusattorov, Wesley So, Giri, Pragg

Results and Standings of the 2023 Tata Steel Chess Masters – Round 12 – in this chess news video! The world famous classical event in Wijk aan Zee with top stars like Wesley So, Praggnanandhaa and Magnus Carlsen is underway, here are the scores of the twelvth round and the standings after round 12, and of course I inform you later about all the other round’s results, standings and chess games. Please subscribe and I keep you updated about the strong and important Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2023 in Wijk aan Zee! (I show you also the pairings for the last round 13) Video main topic: Carlsen is still hunting the leaders (Nodirbek Abdusattorov with a draw maintaines his 1st place position) and Rapport wins against Ding Liren (only 2 decisive games). Who leads in Tata Steel Masters? Who wins Wijk aan Zee? (Next is final round 13)
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Tata Steel Chess is a 14 player round-robin tourney. Time: 100 min for 40 moves then 50 minutes for 20 moves, after this 15 minutes for the rest of the chess game, and a 30-second increment for every move from move 1.

The Masters and also the Challengers of the very traditional Tata Steel Tournament 2023 in Wijk aan Zee takes place with 14 players and 13 rounds. The 85th Wijk aan Zee event promises to be more than exciting: In the Masters we will see young and upcoming talents like D. Gukesh, A. Erigaisi, Abdusattorov, Keymer and R. Praggnanandhaa – they meet the experienced top GM’s such as Magnus Carlsen (World Chess Champion), Ding Liren, Caruana, Aronian and Wesley So, and also the Challengers group offers a very interesting line-up. (Jan-Krzysztof Duda is not taking part.)

Day 1: We had a lot of draws and 2 decisive games with wins for Ding Liren and Abdusattorov!

Day 2: Again 2 decisive games, rest of the scores were draws. Magnus Carlsen vs Vincent Keymer 1:0 and Anish Giri won against Gukesh D.

Day 3: All matches endet peacefully, except Fabiano Caruana won against Jorden van Foreest.
World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen played a draw with the world’s number 2 Ding Liren.

Day 4: Big Sensation! Anish Giri wins against Magnus Carlsen. Also a huge win for Pragg vs Ding Liren.

Day 5: Huge sensation number 2: Carlsen loses again, now vs Abdusattorov!

Day 6: Fabiano Caruana made a jump in the standings / table, because he won today. Carlsen recovered after 2 losses with a draw. Many other draws today. Abdusattorov still in the lead!

Day 7: Magnus Carlsen is back – he won against Richard Rapport. Abdusattorov now leads convincingly!

Day 8: Carlsen wins against Caruana, Gukesh scores his first full point and Pragg loses on time vs Rapport. Nodirbek Abdusattorov still in pole position. Only 3 draws in this round!

Day 9: Anish Giri won against Ding Liren, and Carlsen today with a solid draw vs Gukesh. Abdusattorov is after his fighting draw vs Keymer still in the lead!

Day 10: Carlsen wins vs Maghsoodloo and a lot of draws in this round. Abdusattorov is still the leader!

Day 11: Nodirbek still leads. Magnus and Wesley So – and all the other games – with a draw!

Day 12: Abdusattorov still leading, he is 0,5 points ahead. Carlsen tried his best against Pragg, but a draw!

Live Commentators: GM’s Svidler, Fressinet, Howell, Hess, Naroditsky!

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  1. 1 round to go! Who wins the Tata Steel Masters?

  2. Nodirbek "The New King End Game" Abdussatorov I hope will win this tournament. He played moore consistent than the other player and showing interested game.

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