Standings Results FIDE World Team Chess Championship 2022 Final Prelim Scores with GM Hans Niemann!

Results Standings of the World Team Chess Championships 2022 in this channel! The Group Stage is over, and here are the final prelims standings of Group A and Group B. I show you also the pairings for the quarterfinals. In November, the 2022 FIDE World Team Championship of Chess is played out in Israel – in a new format with groups and finals. 12 national teams take part, some countries are coming with their absolute top stars. Others are sending B-teams or their up-and-coming players. The US chess team is led by GM Hans Niemann.
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Top chess grandmasters fight in Jerusalem over the chess boards with their squads for glory, elo rating and prizes – and of course for the World Championship Title! Live Commentary for instance by FIDE on Youtube and other places.

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In this video are the participating nations in the FIDE World Team Chess Championship 2022. I keep you updated in my next videos about the scores, results and standings!

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The 2022 World Team Championship has started in Jerusalem. A lot of federations came with the best line-up, others send B-teams. The team chess tournament will be held in a brand new format and also with a shorter time-control.

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Magnus Carlsen will not defend his title in the World Chess Championship:


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