Reaching 2000 rating| #chess #tactics


  1. Wonderful brother but I’m still stuck on 1300 Elo do you have any tips to get to higher ratings

  2. I am from Pakistan and I have 500 Elo do You have any tips for me? I asked you cause you are my Neighbour☺️❤

  3. I have 600 rating in chess even though I'm our school's Chess champion and Municipal Chess Champion. Funny how a 600 rated player beat strong players haha

  4. Wow that's amazing 👏. 2000 means now you are an Expert 😻

  5. is it rapid or blitz? I am 1250 rated after just 3 months( I watched a lot of videos and I knew the basics)and I really want to be 1500-1600 in december. is there a huge difference between 1200-1300 and 1500-1600?

  6. I have rating of 1100 but I am able to defeat engine level 1700 . What does that means

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